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Friday, July 22, 2005

July 22, 2005


Corporate Social Responsibility
Companies required incorporating corporate social responsibility in policy, the reality in the business world today
Nanfang Weekend, 21/07/2005

Bilaterals - US/China
China affirms 'no first use' nuke policy
China Daily, July 22, 2005

Pentagon's "China threat" paranoia
People’s Daily, July 22, 2005

No end to US worries over China threat
AFP, July 22, 2005

Bilaterals - Other
China denies explosives in London attack coming from Chinese military plant
Xinhua, July 22, 2005

China publishes book on wartime forced laborers in Japan
Xinhua, July 22, 2005

Death Penalty - Cases
Millionaire executed, despite plead of not guilty of corruption charge
亿元金融巨贪被执行死刑 刑前仍不承认有罪(图) (China), 22/07/2005

Economic Development
Lots of wealth, lots of people, lots of flaws
International Herald Tribune, 22/07/2005

Economic Issues
Making sense of China's choice
Financial Times, July 22, 2005

Environment - Disasters
China dam burst kills 15 people
BBC, July 22, 2005

Gender - Reproductive health
Pre-marital health checks reimposed in Heilongjiang
SCMP, 22/07/2005

Human Rights
Three Chinese writers given Hellman/Hammett Grant
Voice of America, 21/07/2005

Labor - Disasters
5,290 coal mines shut for safety checks
Xinhua, July 22, 2005

Media – Press freedom
Jiao Guobiao criticizes China of strict control over media and intellectuals
Voice of America, 21/07/2005

Media - Internet
China Internet users grow 18 pct to hit 103 million
Reuters via, 22/07/2005

China's Internet users reach 103 million
China Daily, July 22, 2005

In Chinese Cyberspace, A Blossoming Passion
Washington Post, 19/07/2005

Migrant Workers
Clinic serves migrant workers only
Nanfang Weekend, 21/07/2005

Public Health
Long-standing problems in China's public health care system
Hong Kong Economic Journal (Page 11), 22/07/2005

Breastmilk study suggests China is using DDT: High levels of banned pesticide found in Hong Kong women, researcher says
Reuters, July 22, 2005

Reforms - Social
Beijingers get a say in next 5-year plan
China Daily, July 22, 2005

Religion - Falun Gong
China waging 'war' against Falun Gong: ex-diplomat

AFP, July 22, 2005

Resettlement - Forceful eviction
Henan Taikang peasants protest against forceful evictions for building a public square with the size of Tiananmen Square
港媒:河南小县建媲美天安门广场徵地惹民怨, 22/07/2005