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Friday, October 21, 2005

October 21, 2005

Top News of the Day

Detention- Xu Wanping (

Dissident Nears Trial Without Legal Representation
Human Rights in China Press Release, 21/10/2005
Human Rights in China (HRIC) has learned that the Chongqing dissident Xu Wanping, who has been detained since March 30 on the charge of "incitement to subvert state power," will soon go to trial with no lawyer to represent him.

Chinese Police Detain Protestant Leaders
AP via, 21/10/2005
China Aid Association has reported that more than 50 church leaders from some 20 provinces have been arrested by public security police during a gathering in the village of Gougezhuang in Hebei Province, where they were discussing outreach for the independent Protestant church movement. Spokesmen at the police headquarters refused to give information on the arrest.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Govt Honors 21 Enterprises for Environmental Protection, 21/10/2005

Death Penalty
Feted Killer of Triad Head Sentenced to Death
China Daily, 21/10/2005

Internet Bar Arsonists Sentenced, 21/10/2005

Migrant Who Killed Four Over Wages Executed
SCMP, 21/10/2005

Detention- Ching Cheong(

State Council: Ching Cheong's Health in Good Condition
國 務 院 : 程 翔 身 體 良 好
Apple Daily, 21/10/2005


Labor-Work safety / conditions
Mining Ban Ignored by Hard-up Owners, 21/10/2005

Beijing Local Court Rules Out First Criminal Case to Agree on an Out-of-Court
China Youth Daily, 21/10/2005

Migrant Workers-Migrant children
Left-Behind Children Should Not be Forgotten
China Daily, 21/10/2005

Chinese Communists Dash Hopes of Democratic Reform
The Guardian, 21/10/2005

Protests and Petitions
Bold Opportunity Goes Begging
The Standard, 21/10/2005


Rights Activist: Looking at Human Rights Protection in Light of the Taishi Village Incident
Peacehall, 21/10/2005

China's revolution for everyone and no one
Asia Times Online, 20/10/2005

Villagers in Shunde, Guangdong Report Being Threatened After Protesting Land Grab by Party Officials
广东顺德村干部违法征地新发展 村民代表受恐吓
Radio Free Asia, 20/10/2005

Expert Warns the Number of Drug Users in China Is Rising
中国吸毒人数增加 禁毒形势严峻
Voice of America, 21/10/2005

Hong Kong
Newspapers Criticise Government’s Proposed Democratic Reforms
SCMP, 20/10/2005