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Thursday, October 06, 2005

October 6, 2005

Top News of the Day

Human Rights - Human rights defenders / State Security - State Secrets
Blind activist accused of leaking state security
Radio Free Asia, 06/10/2005
Shandong police has formally laid charges against blind activists Chen Guangcheng for "leaking state secrets", but refused to give details of the investigation. Chen was actively involved in revealing forced abortions in his locality, which had drawn media attention on the case. Chen's lawyers were also reportedly beaten up when they had tried to meet with Chen.

related news:
Legal pair beaten and detained for activist visit
SCMP, 06/10/2005

Religion - Christianity
Henan police arrest family church missionary and priest
Radio Free Asia, 05/10/2005
A US-based religious rights group reported that that the Henan Shengchi police detained a pair from a family church in the Sanmensia City, a missionary and a priest on September 26. A villager reported to the police when the pair met in the village.

Detention – Zhao Yan (趙岩) / State Security - State secrets
Internal Times Memo Key to China's Case
Washington Post, 04/10/2005

Education / Rural Issues
Minister of Education: rural education is in top priority of China's education policy
教育部长:农村教育是当今中国教育事业重中之重 (China), 06/10/2005

Environment - Water
Water issues to be tackled
China Daily, 06/10/2005

Hukou / Rural Issues
Hukou reform urgently needed as peasants flood into cities
大量农民涌进城,中国户籍变法势不可挡, 05/10/2005

Human Rights - Human rights defenders / Protests and Petitions
Campaigner arrested over unrest in Taishi
SCMP, 06/10/2005

Beijing legal experts beaten up and detained for visiting the blind activist in house arrest
Voice of America, 05/10/2005

Labor - industrial accidents
Two more mine accidents in China bring week's death toll nears 70
AFP via YahooNews.com06/10/2005

Labor - Protests
Thousands of Chongqing steel workers take to the street demanding justice of unreasonable work treatment
Voice of America05/10/2005

Law - Legal aid / Government - Fiscal
Beijing issues regulations for funding legal aid services in poor provinces
Legal Daily, 06/10/2005

Law - Court system
Courting impartial judges
SCMP, 06/10/2005

Justice buckles under weight of soaring workload
SCMP, 06/10/2005

Media - Internet
Colleges students in Jiangsu asked to use real name for BBS forums
The Beijing News, 06/10/2005

China to complete demobilization of 200,000 soldiers this year
Wen Wei Po, 06/10/2005

Beijing targets a harmonious society in Five-Year Plan
China Daily, 06/10/2005

Hu poised to tighten grip on power
The Standard, 06/10/2005

Xinjiang - Forceful eviction / Resettlement
Bitter end for China's pioneers
The Standard, 04/10/2005