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Monday, January 04, 2010

January 01-04, 2010

Top Ex-judge Charged with Taking 4-million-yuan Bribe
China Radio International (via China Daily), January 03, 2010

Death Penalty
Three Sentenced to Death in Southeast China Gang Trial
Xinhua News Agency, January 04, 2010

中石油渭河油污已流入黃河 (Oil Spill Enters Yellow River)
China News Service (via Ming Pao), January 04, 2010

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Oil Leak Pollutes Large Stretch of China River
Associated Press (via Yahoo! News), January 02, 2010
Human Rights Defender - Liu Xiaobo (刘晓波)
三万港人游行声援刘晓波及争取普选 (30000 March in HK for Liu Xiaobo and Democracy)
Radio Free Asia, January 03, 2010

刘晓波国内博客除夕被封(图) (Liu Xiaobo's Blog Closed on New Year's Eve)
Radio Free Asia, January 01, 2010

Human Rights Defenders
北京教授萧瀚遭政治停职 (Beijing Professor Suspended for "Excessive Involvement in Public Affairs")
Radio Free Asia, January 01, 2010

Internet Censorship
China Nabs 5,400 People for Online Porn in 2009
Agencies (via China Daily), January 03, 2010

网民批评温家宝 齐齐哈尔吧网页被百度关闭(图,视频) (Heilongjiang's Internet Forum Page Closed after Posting Criticism of Chinese Premier)
Radio Free Asia, January 03, 2010

內地著名網站始創人涉淫網 (China's Renowned Website Founder Arrested for Setting up Porn Websites)
Ming Pao, January 02, 2010

Land Policy
关注《拆迁条例》修改:不该被遗忘的土地使用权 (Amendments to Law on Demolition and Eviction: Don't Forget Land Use Rights)
People's Daily (via Xinhua News Agency), January 02, 2010

北大教授建言:尽快出台新条例遏制突击拆迁苗头 (New Regulation Needed ASAP to Curb Demolition Blitz: Peking U Professors)
Legal Daily (via Xinhua News Agency), December 31, 2009

Xinhua Challenges CCTV with Launch of Worldwide TV Network
South China Morning Post, January 01, 2010

Angry Minority Finds A Voice on Chinese Campus
Associated Press (via Yahoo! News), January 03, 2010