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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Children (儿童)

云南强奸4岁幼女官员被判八年 精神赔偿难实现 (Yunnan county official sentenced to 8 years for raping a four-year-old girl)
China News Service, December 10, 2013

最高法:嫖宿幼女罪是一种侮辱 完全赞成废除 (Supreme Court cites “insult” as factor in its support for abolishing “soliciting underage girls for prostitution” charge)
Beijing Evening News, December 10, 2013

Corruption (腐败)

北京私秘会所:八项规定没有影响来这领导太多 (Use of public funds for official receptions goes underground)
CCTV, December 10, 2013

湖北确认网上嫖娼视频当事人为省高院庭长 (Hubei gov’t confirms authenticity of video posted online showing provincial higher court judge hiring a prostitute)
Xingchu Website, December 10, 2013

Cyber security (网络安全)

China is tied to spying on European diplomats
The New York Times, December 10, 2013

Environment (环境)

Chinese media find silver linings in smog clouds
The Guardian, December 10, 2013

20省份出现雾霾天 京津冀长三角重污染区连成片 (Smog turns 20 Chinese provinces—from Beijing and Tianjin to the Yangtze River Delta—into heavily polluted areas)
China News Service, December 10, 2013

Freedom of Expression and Privacy (言论自由和隐私)

中国拒绝续签《纽约时报》和彭博社24记者的签证 (China rejects visas to 24 journalists from the New York Times and Bloomberg)
Radio Free Asia, December 10, 2013

Health (健康)

Rising violence against doctors in China
The Diplomat, December 8, 2013

1.5 million people worldwide combat unprecedented evil and sign global petition against forced organ harvesting in China
The Sacramento Bee, December 8, 2013

Human Rights Defenders (人权卫士)

刘晓波失去自由五年,美国敦促中国释放 (U.S. urges China to release Liu Xiaobo, Nobel Peace Prize laureate)
Deutsche Welle, December 10, 2013

中国驳斥美国提出释放刘晓波的要求 (China rebuffs U.S. request to release Liu Xiaobo)
British Broadcasting Corporation, December 10, 2013

China rebuffs U.S. calls for release of Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo
South China Morning Post, December 10, 2013

《刘宾雁时代》在美国出版 (“The Era of Liu Binyan” published in the U.S.)
Radio Free Asia, December 9, 2013

Information Control (信息控制)

Beijing bans “sensitive topics” during Mandela funeral coverage
South China Morning Post, December 10, 2013

Intellectual Property Rights (知识产权)

世界专利申请数量大增 中国是关键 (China the key factor in significant rise of global patent applications)
British Broadcasting Corporation, December 10, 2013

Land, Property, Housing (土地、财产、房屋)

China: The woman who lives in a hole
British Broadcasting Corporation, December 9, 2013

Migrants (农民工)

农民工融入城市调查:积分不够子女无法读公办小学 (Survey of migrant workers in cities: children with inadequate points have no chance for public elementary school)
People’s Daily, December 10, 2013

中国流动人口已达2.36亿 逾七成系从农村流向城市 (China’s migrant population reaches 236 million, over 70% of flow is from countryside to cities)
China News Service, December 10, 2013

Protests and Petitions (抗议和请愿)

Unrelenting Inner Mongolian herders expelled from Beijing after protests
Radio Free Asia, December 9, 2013

Society (社会)

China sex workers face “harsh” detention: rights group
New Straits Times, December 10, 2013

Religion (宗教)

China’s treatment of minorities troubles Canada’s religious freedom ambassador
Calgary Herald, December 10, 2013

Opinion (观点)

On Human Rights Day, I'll be thinking of my father in a Chinese prison
The Guardian, December 10, 2013

Breathe in that dirty doublethink
Financial Times, December 10, 2013

The thorny challenge of covering China
The New York Times, December 10, 2013