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Monday, December 25, 2017

Access to Justice (司法公正)

內地維權人士吳淦顛覆國家罪成有期徒刑8年 (Rights defender Wu Gan sentenced to 8 years’ imprisonment for “subversion")
Radio Television Hong Kong, December 26, 2017

Chinese human rights activist jailed for eight years for subversion
The Guardian, December 25, 2017

維權律師謝陽顛覆國家罪成 免於刑事處罰 (Rights defense lawyer Xie Yang sentenced to “subversion,” exempt from criminal punishment after admitting guilt)
Radio Television Hong Kong, December 26, 2017

Chinese rights lawyer escapes jail term after admitting subversion
South China Morning Post, December 26, 2017

Liu Xiaobo’s widow allowed to spend Christmas Eve with brother, Hong Kong human rights group says
South China Morning Post, December 25, 2017

Hongkongers send 3,000 Christmas cards to Liu Xia and China’s jailed activists
Hong Kong Free Press, December 23, 2017

失联艺术家胡嘉岷“被放”将重返法国 (Hu Jiamin, disappeared artist who had painted tribute to Liu Xiaobo, “released,” will return to France )
Radio France International, December 25, 2017中国/20171225-失联艺术家胡嘉岷被放将重返法国

Access to Information (信息公开)

Xi's iron grip on China's internet extends to social media
Nikkei Asian Review, December 26, 2017

中国3年关闭1.3万个网站冀“洁净互联网”能放飞实现中国梦 (China shuts down 13 thousand websites in 3 years, believes a “Clean Internet” can make China Dream a reality)
Radio France International, December 25, 2017中国/20171225-中国3年关闭13万个网站冀洁净互联网能放飞实现中国梦

China has shut down 13,000 websites since 2015 – state media
Hong Kong Free Press, December 24, 2017

Government Accountability (政府问责)

Declassified: Chinese official said at least 10,000 civilians died in 1989 Tiananmen massacre, documents show
Hong Kong Free Press, December 21, 2017

英国解密六四文件 中国军队天安门清场杀人逾万 (Declassified UK National Archives documents: Chinese military killed more than 10 thousand civilians in Tiananmen Massacre)
Radio France International, December 20, 2017中国/20171220-英国解密六四文件-中国军队天安门清场杀人逾万

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

广州签发全国首张微信身份证 预计明年1月推向全国 (Guangzhou issues 1st ID card on WeChat, to be implemented thoroughout country in January)
Guangzhou Daily, December 26, 2017

Leave your wallet at home, WeChat is now issuing ID cards
Technode, December 26, 2017

WeChat poised to become China’s official electronic ID system
South China Morning Post, December 26, 2017

Even China’s backwater cities are going smart
Sixth Tone, December 25, 2017

“对朋友下手”:中国对德网络攻击严重 (German network severely attacked by Chinese hackers)
Deutshe Welle, December, 26, 2017

Hong Kong (香港)

港区人大:只要人大说一地两检合基本法就不必引用具体条文 (Hong Kong National Committee: If co-location arrangement is approved by the NPC, referring to specific provision is not necessary)
Radio France International, December 26, 2017中国/20171226-港区人大只要人大说一地两检合基本法就不必引用具体条文

黃之鋒批政府重開「公民廣場」是「有姿勢無實際」(Joshua Wong: The reopening of Civic Square is empty talk)
Radio Television Hong Kong, December 26, 2017

香港民运团体中联办前示威 悼念刘晓波 (Hong Kong pro-democracy groups protest in front of Liaison Office to commemorate Liu Xiaobo)
Deutshe Welle, December, 25, 2017

Commentary (评论)

West hypes false Tiananmen death toll
Global Times, December 24, 2017

China must protect basic human rights
South China Morning Post, December 27, 2017

West grows wary of China’s influence game
The Financial Times, December 26, 2017

“实名登记”事项过滥的情形该改改了 (It’s time to change the way “Real Name Registration” data is gathered to ensure the protection of personal information)
The Beijing News, December 26, 2017