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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


7岁汶川地震孤儿曾受创伤无学校愿接收 (No School Willing to Take Seven-Year-Old Orphaned from Wenchuan Earthquake)
Xin Kuai Bao, April 16, 2013

中国人民大学前校长:市长书记孩子几乎不上职校 (Former Head of People's University: No Children of Officials Go to Vocational Schools)
Eastday, April 16, 2013

Human Rights Defenders

合肥抓捕声援异见人士女儿上学权维权网友 (Police Remove Supporters of Dissident’s Daughter Being Denied Right to Attend School)
Voice of America, April 16, 2013

For more information on Zhang Anni, see:
Activist and Ten-year-old Daughter Illegally Detained before Forcible Removal from Hefei
Human Rights in China, March 1, 2013

Hu Yaobang

Purged Chinese Liberal's Legacy Finds Resonance
The Hindu, April 15, 2013

Bold Remembrances for a Chinese Reformer
China Real Time Report, April 16, 2013

International Relations (Human Rights, Security, Trade and Investment)

Brahmaputra: Panel Alert on China Projects
Indian Express, April 15, 2013

China Sees Red over Taiwan-Japan Pact
Asia Times Online, April 15, 2013

Iceland First European Country to Sign Free Trade Agreement with China
The Bazette, April 16, 2013

Iceland and China Enter a Free Trade Agreement
The New York Times, April 16, 2013

China, India, Singapore Could Join New Arctic Circle Forum
Reuters, April 15, 2013

US Misreads Sino-Russian Affair
Asia Times Online, April 16, 2013


《纽约时报》驻华记者获普利策新闻奖 (New York Times Reporter Gets Pulitzer for Series on Family Wealth of Chinese Officials)
The New York Times, April 16, 2013

China Dismisses New York Times Pulitzer Prize-Winning Wen Jiabao Report
South China Morning Post, April 16, 2013

National Defense

《中国武装力量的多样化运用》白皮书透露的重要数字与事实 (China’s Defense Whitepaper Discloses Previously Classified Data on Military Deployment)
Xinhua, April 16, 2013


China 'Reveals Army Structure' in Defence White Paper
British Broadcasting Corporation, April 16, 2013

China Points Finger at U.S. over Asia-Pacific Tensions
Reuters, April 16, 2013

Open Government Information

鲍彤:不敢公布财产 无一是男儿 (Bao Tong: No One among Officials Has the Guts to Disclose Assets)
Deutsche Welle, April 16, 2013

Political and Economic Reform

六问大部制改革 (Chinese Monthly Magazine Asks State Council to Specify Steps for Institutional Reform)
China Reporting Magazine (中国报道杂志社), April 16, 2013

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Advocates 'Appalled" by Handling of Chinese Refugee's Case
ABC News, April 16, 2013

Rule of Law

广东东源法院副院长经上级授意伪造判决书 (Guangdong Local Court VP Forged Verdict on Supervisor’s Instruction)
Eastday, April 16, 2013


China Reacts to Boston's Bombing
Voice of America, April 16, 2013


Chinese Court Jails Four Tibetans on 'Separatism' Charge
Radio Free Asia, April 15, 2013


Ai Weiwei: 'Every Day in China, We Put the State on Trial'
The Guardian, April 16, 2013