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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Animal Welfare and Rights

野生动物保护组织人士:“中国是最大野生动物消费国”的说法证据确凿 (NGO Confirms China is World’s Biggest Consumer of Wild Animals)
Radio Free Asia, May 22, 2013

Folk Remedy Extracted From Captive Bears Stirs Furor in China
The New York Times, May 21, 2013

Censorship and Surveillance

Messaging App Line Prepares the Groundwork for Censoring Politically Sensitive Phrases in China
The Next Web, May 21, 2013

Consumer Product Safety

同仁堂再陷汞超标危机 40种药品被曝含有朱砂 (Mercury Found in 40 Drugs Produced by Tong Ren Tang, Famed Maker of Chinese Medicine)
Southern Daily, May 21, 2013

青海56所学校500多学生吃营养餐后腹痛头晕 (Over 500 Students in 56 Qinghai Schools Sick from “Nutritious Meals”)
China Central Television, May 22, 2013


我国小学性教育缺教材 女教师被家长斥讲下流事 (Teacher Criticized for Teaching Sex Education)
China News Service, May 22, 2013


民警污水河救人致肺部感染 网友喊环保局长看望 (Police Rescues Drowning Girl from Polluted Water, Gets Lung Infection)
Xinhua News Agency, May 22, 2013

中国梦:缺水而枯? (Chinese Dream—Diminishing in Drought?)
Financial Times, May 22, 2013


China's Bird Flu Outbreak Cost $6.5bn
Reuters, May 22, 2013

调查发现国内缺乏成人体内重金属含量权威调查 (Survey: China Lacks Reliable Methods to Test Heavy Metals in Human Body)
The First Business and Financial Daily, May 22, 2013

International Relations (Human Rights, Security, Trade and Investment)

Li's Pak. Visit to Deepen 'All-Weather' Ties
The Hindu, May 21, 2013

Chinese Premier Pledges Pakistan Energy Crisis Help
British Broadcasting Corporation, May 22, 2013

June Fourth

旅居中欧的异议人士启动纪念"六四"24周年活动 (Chinese Dissidents in Central Europe Prepare June Fourth Memorial Activities)
Radio Free Asia, May 21, 2013

温哥华设立临时“六四纪念馆” (Overseas Chinese Group Creates June Fourth Memorial Exhibition in Vancouver)
Radio Free Asia, May 22, 2013


中国纸媒要挖煤的尴尬 (Censorship and Social Media Competition Force Print Media to Invest in Coal Mining)
Nikkei Chinese News (日经中文网), May 22, 2013

Natural Resources

China's Green Drive to Boost Oil Demand
The Wall Street Journal, May 22, 2013

Persons with Disabilities

China's Disabled Slam Government as Biggest Discriminator
Radio Free Asia, May 21, 2013

Political and Economic Reform

结构性问题拖累中国经济复苏 (China’s Economic Recovery Undermined by Structural Flaws)
Financial Times, May 22, 2013

Democracy Veteran Warns Beijing of 'Brutal End' to Power
Radio Free Asia, May 21, 2013

For more information on Qin Yongmin, see:
Wife of Wuhan Activist Details Harassment and Unlawful Detention and Appeals to International Community
Human Rights In China, August 22, 2012

Progress on SOEs Means Answering Political Questions
Caixin, May 22, 2013


699万高校毕业生其实并不多 (Less Than 30% Employment Rate among 2013 Beijing, Shanghai Graduates is Worst in History )
Caixun, May 21, 2013


China Welcomes Constructive Advice on Tibet
China Daily, May 22, 2013


贺卫方:中国最需要的就是建设宪政 (He Weifang: Constitutionalism is What China Needs Most)
British Broadcasting Corporation, May 22, 2013