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Friday, August 19, 2011


番禺設限阻公民選人大 被指違法 (Guangzhou: Cries of Legal Transgression after Panyu District Puts Legal Limits on People's Congress Candidates)
Ming Pao, August 19, 2011
However, Panyu District has reportedly issued a new announcement removing those limits, pictured here:

Hong Kong

Ruling on State Immunity Nears
South China Morning Post, August 19, 2011

Human Rights Defender – Xu Zhiyong (许志永)

许志永因关注劳工子弟学校被带走 (Xu Zhiyong Detained for Looking into the Closed Schools for Migrant Workers' Kids)
Radio Free Asia, August 18, 2011

Human Rights Defenders

China AIDS Activist Freed after Finishing One-year Sentence
Deutsche Presse Agentur, August 18, 2011

Land Policy

Two Sides of Demolition Tracks
Caixin, August 19, 2011


刑诉法现行规定对侦查活动监督力度不够 专家建议 强化检察院对诉讼活动的监督 (Criminal Procedure Law: Experts Propose Strengthening Procrautorate's Supervision of Investigation)
Legal Daily, August 19, 2011

Migrant Workers

Migrant Workers Hoping to Get Rich Find Wealth Gap Keeps them Apart
South China Morning Post, August 19, 2011


山东济南:殴打修车夫妇 女狱警被开除 (Shandong: Prison Guard Fired, Detained after She Beats Old Woman, Leading to Small Protest)
Xinhua News Agency, August 19, 2011