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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Environment (环境), Rule of Law

环保法修正草案二次征民意 公益诉讼主体成焦点 (Public sector expresses opposition to public interest lawsuits being directed to ACEF during second public comment period for draft amendments to Environmental Protection Law)
Beijing News, July 23, 2013

首批6家企业网上公布污染排放值 (Six Beijing-based enterprises disclose pollution statistics under new regulations)
Beijing Daily, July 24, 2013

绿色和平批中国神华集团煤厂破坏水资源 (Green Peace accuses Chinese coal company of water pollution)
British Broadcasting Corporation, July 23, 2013

See report:
Thirsty Coal 2
Greenpeace, July 23, 2013

Bo Xilai Case (薄熙来案)

“薄熙来将以贪污受贿等三罪公审” (Bo Xilai faces three criminal charges)
Brtish Broadcasting Corporation, July 24, 2013

報道:重慶宣布薄熙來三罪 (Chongqing announces official charges against Bo Xilai)
Ming Pao, July 23, 2013

Bo Xilai to face trial for bribery and embezzlement “soon”
The Telegraph, July 24, 2013

Corruption (腐败)

五年内党政机关全面停建楼堂馆所--国务院 (State Council restricts construction of new government buildings)
Reuters, July 24, 2013

China bans construction of government buildings for 5 years
Associated Press, July 23, 2013

众反腐 举报贪官代价高 (Citizen whistleblowers face harsh reprisal)
Radio Free Asia, July 23, 2013

Consumer Product Safety (消费品安全)

农业部:五年内健全食用农产品安全标准体系 (Agriculture Ministry: food safety standards will be improved in five years)
The People’s Daily, July 23, 2013

Health (健康)

儿童大病不亚于一场劫难 (Medical expenses for common diseases among children far exceed income of their families)
Legal Weekly, July 23, 2013

Bribery serves as life-support for Chinese hospitals
Reuters, July 23, 2013

Internet (互联网)

工信部:移动互联网发展迅猛 微信用户超过4亿 (MIIT: We Chat users in China exceed 400 million)
The People’s Daily, July 24, 2013

Labor (劳工)

调查称半数人认为已婚未育女性求职易受歧视 (Survey finds married women without children face employment discrimination)
Xiaoxiang Chenbao, July 24, 2013

Land, Housing, Property (土地、财产、房屋)

广州村民不满农田被征楼顶抗议百人维稳 (Over 100 police mobilized to contain Guangzhou villagers' land protest)
Sina News, July 23, 2013

Society (社会)

Chinese man “kills one-child policy officials”
The Telegraph, July 23, 2013

Opinion (观点)

一个民间机构的法外生存 (A civil organization's survival outside of the law)
Financial Times, July 24, 2013

城镇化绝不能让农村荒芜 (Rural development must not be sacrificed for excessive urbanization)
Nanfang Daily, July 24, 2013