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Monday, January 30, 2012

Bilateral Ties

Falun Gong Says NY Parade Pressured to Ban Group
The Associated Press, January 29, 2012

Human Rights

中国批驳人权观察年度报告 (China Refutes Human Rights Watch Annual Report)
British Broadcasting Corporation, January 29, 2012
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Human Rights Report Flawed by Omissions and Bias
China Daily, January 29, 2012

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Human Rights Defenders

陈光诚为兄奔丧遭限 外界呼吁早日自由 (Chen Guangcheng Prevented from Attending Brother's Funeral)
Radio Free Asia, January 29, 2012

倪玉兰女儿代母领奖出境被阻 (Ni Yulan's Daughter Prevented from Leaving China to Accept Rights Award on Behalf of Mother)
Deutsche Welle, January 29, 2012,,15697657,00.html

Protests and Petitions

廣東電白百人怒砸村政府 (Dianbai County Villagers Attack Government Offices to Protest Dump Project Thought to Be a Crematorium)
Ming Pao, January 30, 2012

Rural Issues

Annual Rural-policy Ritual Goes Nowhere
South China Morning Post, January 28, 2012

逾億農民返城搶工 (100+mil Migrant Workers Rush Back to City after Spring Festival Holiday)
Ming Pao, January 29, 2012


Chinese Crack Down to Curb Spread of Tibetan Unrest
The New York Times, January 28, 2012

Dalai Lama and West 'Distorting' Tibetan Protests to Tarnish China
Reuters, January 30, 2012


Two More Uyghurs Get Life Sentences
Radio Free Asia, January 27, 2012