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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April 10, 2007

Top News of the Day
Human Rights Defenders - Yan Zhengxue (严正学)

严正学案一审未当庭宣判 (Yan Zhengxue Tried, Verdict Yet to Be Delivered)
Radio Free Asia, April 05, 2007

Yan Zhengxue stood trial in the Taizhou Intermediate People's Court on April 5 on "subversion of state power" charges. The trial lasted for three hours. The court adjourned without giving a verdict and no date has been set for delivering the verdict. The bases of the charge were that Yan was a member of the China Democracy Party and that he published "subversive" articles on overseas Web sites. The four witnesses who had planned to testify for him were barred from attending the trial. Yan pleaded not guilty.

Bilateral Ties

China Urges Sudan to Accept U.N. Troops
Associated Press (via YahooNews), April 10, 2007

Civil Society
NGOs Gain Currency in Rural Areas as Beijing Aims to Share Wealth
South China Morning Post, April 10, 2007

Anti-Graft Drive Targets Rent-Seeking
South China Morning Post, April 10, 2007

Second Senior Beijing Official Said to Be Held for Graft
South China Morning Post, April 10, 2007

Human Rights Defenders
任畹町获准前往香港检查身体 (Beijing-Based Dissident Ren Wanding Allowed to Go to Hong Kong for Medical Exam)
Radio Free Asia, April 10, 2007

维权人士杨在新被暴打留医 (Rights Defender Yang Zaixin Hospitalized After Being Beaten)
Radio Free Asia, April 09, 2007

三名赤壁三峡移民维权代表被判刑 (Three Sentenced for Protesting Three Gorges Construction at Tiananmen Square)
Radio Free Asia, April 09, 2007

中国泛蓝联盟各省成员被国保骚扰 (Pan-Blue Alliance Members Harassed by Domestic Security Protection Section)
Radio Free Asia, April 07, 2007

Human Rights Defender – Gao Zhisheng (高智晟)
高智晟家中坐牢 致电外界打开黑箱内幕 (Gao Zhisheng "Jailed at Home," Reveals Inside Story in Phone Call to Hu Jia)
Radio Free Asia, April 06, 2007

“开除是打击报复”京被开除工会主席一审胜诉 (Dismissal of Union Chairperson of a Sino-Japanese Joint Venture Held to Be Unlawful Retaliation)
Xinhuanet, April 10, 2007

Land Policy
两百多名成都警察偷拆教师家宅 (200 Chengdu Police Officers Demolish Teacher's House While She Is Away)
Radio Free Asia, April 08, 2007

China Cracks Down on Online IDs
Financial Times, April 09, 2007

Father-of-Five Expelled from Party
South China Morning Post, April 10, 2007

Protests and Petitions
Couple Face Eviction After Fiery Threat
South China Morning Post, April 10, 2007

中国实施上访条例上访者依然无助 (Petitioners Still Helpless Despite Implementation of Petitioning Regulation)
Voice of America, April 09, 2007

武汉花楼街居民再次被拆迁办人员暴力围殴 (Wuhan Residents Beaten by Eviction Officers Again)
Radio Free Asia, April 09, 2007

河南艾滋女病人上访遭十多人殴伤 (AIDS Patient Beaten for Trying to Petition at Henan Bureau of Letters and Calls)
Radio Free Asia, April 05, 2007

Public Health
健康歧视影响教育公平 (Health-Based Discrimination Affects Access to Education)
China Youth Daily, April 10, 2007