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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May 3, 2006

Top News of the Day

Media - Censorship / Press Freedom
无国界记者:中国是毒瘤(Reporters Without Borders: China Is a "Cancer" in Asia in Terms of Press Freedom)
BBC, May 03, 2006

In its latest annual report, Paris-based Reporters Without Borders describes China as being a "cancer" in Asia's democratic system. The report says that faced with growing social unrest, the government has chosen to impose news blackouts, force the media—including the Internet—to practice self-censorship, and keep out foreign media.

Related News:
新闻、互联网自由度两榜中国落一上一 (China Drops Out of 10 Worst Countries for Press Freedom but Joins Rank of 15 Worst for Internet Censorship)
Radio Free Asia, May 03, 2006


China Surpasses U.N. Goal to Beat Child Hunger
New York Times, May 03, 2006

NGOs 'Could Share Education Burden'
SCMP, May 03, 2006

Human Rights Defenders – Lawyer
Lawyer Says Papers for Rights Forum in US Were Confiscated
SCMP, May 03, 2006

三名维权人士被拒赴美参加论坛 (Three Lawyers Barred from Attending Forum to Discuss China's Freedoms in Washington D.C.)
Radio Free Asia, May 03, 2006

Media - Censorship / Press Freedom
中国传媒业开放有限度 (Market Access to China's Media Industry Will Remain Limited)
Radio Free Asia, May 03, 2006

China Prepares for Fourth Baby Boom Before 2010
People's Daily, May 03, 2006

Population - One-Child Policy
国家计生委称富人无生育特权 (National Population and Family Planning Commission Says Rich People Not Privileged When it Comes to Family Planning)
China Youth Daily, May 03, 2006

Religion – Christianity
中国未经教廷批准晋升二名主教 (China Appoints Second Bishop in a Week Without Approval from Vatican)
Radio Free Asia, May 03, 2006

刘柏年﹕教廷不反对即示好 (Vice Head of Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association: No Opposition from Vatican Is Good News)
Ming Pao, May 03, 2006

美议员望实地了解中国基督徒处境 (US Congressman Asks to Lead Delegation to China to Better Understand Situation of Christians)
Voice of America, May 03, 2006