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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Access to Justice (司法公正)

China rights lawyer says legal license revoked after criticizing President Xi Jinping
Reuters, January 16, 2018

北京律师被吊销执照 曾建议罢免习近平 (Beijing lawyer who once suggested removing Xi Jinping from office gets his license revoked)
Voice of America, January 16, 2018

蘇嘉豪被控加重違令罪案件於澳門初級法院開審 (Suspended Macau lawmakers Sulu Hou faces trial after charged with aggravated disobedience)
Radio Television Hong Kong, January 16, 2018

因海祭刘晓波案遭刑事拘留的黎学文今取保获释 (Li Xuewen released on bail from criminal detention after commemorating Liu Xiaobo)
Weiquanwang, January 15, 2018

滞台4年,中国异议人士王中义成功抵美 (Chinese dissident Wang Zhongyi arrives in US after stuck in Taiwan for 4 years)
Voice of America, January 15, 2018

Access to Information (信息公开)

Qantas changes website to recognize Chinese territories
Reuters, January 16, 2018

Chinese institute at UMass Boston is accused of promoting censorship
Boston Globe, January 16, 2018

網曝內地把逃港歷史 淡化為「赴港就業潮」 (China allegedly sugarcoats mainlanders fleeing to Hong Kong from 1950s to 1970s as “wave of going and working in Hong Kong”)
HKET, January 15, 2018

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

Chinese students use #MeToo to take fight against sexual harassment to elite universities
South China Morning Post, January 16, 2018

北京盲人影院:引發對中國殘障人事業的思考 (Beijing movie theater for the visually disabled draws attention to rights protection in China)
British Broadcasting Company, January 16, 2018

内蒙古五旗牧民自治区政府上访 (Inner Mongolia herdsmen petition at local government for grassland rights)
Radio Free Asia, January 15, 2018

Government Accountability (政府问责)

How China outsourced work-related accidents and deaths
China Labor Bulletin, January 16, 2018

China’s education ministry to launch mechanism for dealing with sexual harassment on campus
Hong Kong Free Press, January 16, 2018

西藏拉多乡牧民土地被强占 矿产资源仍被滥采 (Land-grabbing against herdsmen and exploitation of mineral resources continue in Lhatok, Tibet)
Radio Free Asia, January 15, 2018

噴水、塞棉紗……中國地方官員逃避空氣監測有奇招 (Chinese officials pull stunts to cheat air quality monitoring)
British Broadcasting Company, January 15, 2018

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

Alibaba and Microsoft AI beat humans in Stanford reading test
Financial Times, January 15, 2018

Hong Kong (香港)

姚松炎勝初選 「DQ風險愈來愈低」 泛民范國威戰新東 建制3人直選搶灘 (4 democratic candidates to run for upcoming by-election, as pro-establishment camp sends 3 to compete)
Mingpao, January 16, 2018

Hong Kong gov’t wouldn’t dare to bar me from running for legislature again, says by-election hopeful Edward Yiu
Hong Kong Free Press, January 16, 2018

與中聯辦「行埋一齊」是合作非干預 林鄭反轟 HK Watch 對香港事務「指指點點」 (Carrie Lam claims Liaison Office is collaborating with SAR government instead of intervening, and slams Hong Kong Watch for interfering in Hong Kong internal affairs)
Stand News, January 16, 2018

Video: Chief Exec. Carrie Lam slams new UK watchdog report on Hong Kong rule of law as foreign “meddling”
Hong Kong Free Press, January 16, 2018

Beijing’s office in Hong Kong not involved in city’s affairs unless “mainland angle” emerges, says leader Carrie Lam
Hong Kong Free Press, January 16, 2018

〈13天愛上解放軍〉 港女生入青少年軍營後寫信感動中聯辦主任 (Hong Kong girl writes letter claiming she fell in love with People's Liberation Army after spending 13 days at youth camp, and that moves Wang Zhimin, head of Liaison Office)
Mingpao, January 15, 2018

Joshua Wong and fellow Occupy Hong Kong student leaders made to wait as top court reserves judgment on jail terms appeal
South China Morning Post, January 16, 2018

Magistrate who gave Occupy trio community service was lenient but within sentencing range, says chief justice
Hong Kong Free Press, January 16, 2018

Hong Kong woman, 63, arrested for insulting judge in Frankly Chu case
South China Morning Post, January 16, 2018

Commentary (评论)

林鄭護短比司長僭建更醜陋 (Carrie Lam’s cover-up is even uglier than illegal structures at Teresa Cheng’s residence)
Apple Daily, January 16, 2018

HKU’s reputation has been hurt by politics
South China Morning Post, January 16, 2018

2017 shows us that it is time for the international community to speak up for Hong Kong
Hong Kong Free Press, January 14, 2018

Why China’s good environmental policies have gone wrong
The New York Times, January 14, 2018