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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Bilateral Ties

China Seeks a Cultural Influence to Match Its Economic Muscle
The New York Times, November 08, 2011
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China's Soft Power
China Rights Forum, 2009, no. 4

Human Rights Defenders - Ai Weiwei (艾未未)

艾未未借561万 官报批违法 (Official Media: Loans to Ai Illegal)
Ming Pao, November 08, 2011
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Ai Weiwei's Tax Evasion Case Takes a New Twist
Global Times, November 07, 2011

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深入开展场所文化建设进一步提升劳教戒毒工作水平 (Forum Held on Increasing Civilized Construction in Reeducation and Drug Treatment Centers)
Legal Daily, November 08, 2011

Migrant Workers

In Beijing, Shipping Containers Double as Community Center
Los Angeles Times, November 06, 2011


Pay Heed to Soldiers' Complaints: PLA Paper
South China Morning Post, November 08, 2011

Protests and Petitions

Three Peasants Self-Immolate
Radio Free Asia, November 07, 2011

沪300护士罢工求加薪 (Shanghai: Nurses Strike for Salary Hike)
Sing Tao Daily, November 08, 2011

Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Russia, China Laud Their Economic Bloc
Associated Press, November 07, 2011