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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March 02, 2010

Top news
Human Rights Defender – Liao Yiwu (廖亦武)
China Writer Blocked from Going to German Festival
Associated Press, March 02, 2010

On March 1, 2010, dissident writer Liao Yiwu (廖亦武) was taken off a plane bound for Beijing by police in Chengdu; he was en route to Germany, where he had planned to fly on his way to attend lit.Cologne, a literature festival. Liao then was interrogated at a local police station for several hours. Upon his release, he was told not to leave his house “during this period.” In response, Liao, the author of the internationally-acclaimed The Corpse Walker: Real Life Stories: China from the Bottom Up,issued a public letter to his German readers, whom he had hoped to meet at the festival.
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Barred from Traveling, Writer Liao Yiwu Speaks to German Readers in Open Letter
廖亦武被禁离境 发表致德国读者公开信
Human Rights in China, March 01, 2010

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Chinese Author Put under House Arrest
Deutsche Presse Agentur, March 01, 2010

Bilateral Ties
U.S. Official's Visit Signals Thaw in China Ties
The Wall Street Journal, March 02, 2010

Widespread Dry Spell Hits 11m
China Daily, March 26, 2010

Food Security
Parent of China Melamine Victim Receives Compensation
Xinhua News Agency, March 01, 2010

Chinese Newspapers in Joint Call to End Curb on Migrant Workers
The Guardian, March 01, 2010
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Chinese Editorials Assail a Government System
New York Times, March 01, 2010

京郊打工子弟寒假后集体失学 教育为拆迁利益让路 (Beijing Migrant Workers' Children Cannot Attend School after Winter Break)
Radio Free Asia, March 01, 2010
Human Rights Defender – Feng Zhenghu (冯正虎)
China's 'Terminal' Activist Vows to Fight On
Agence France-Presse, March 01, 2010
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上海国保警察沈国良用车撞冯正虎 (Shanghai's State Security Barrel into Feng Zhenghu in Patrol Car)
Radio France Internationale, March 01, 2010
Human Rights Defenders
北京维权人士刘安军被软禁 公安驾车两度撞向冯正虎 (Beijing Activist Liu Anjun Put under House Arrest; Harassment of Feng Zhenghu Continues)
Radio Free Asia, March 01, 2010

One Dead, 31 Trapped in Latest Coal Mine Tragedy
China Daily, March 02, 2010

全国政协委员严琦语出惊人:取缔社会网吧 (CPPCC's Yan Qi's Astounding Remarks: Ban Internet Cafes )
Chongqing Morning Post, March 02, 2010

China PLA Officer Urges Challenging U.S. Dominance
Reuters, March 01, 2010

China Police Ordered to Resign Over Detainee 'Torture'
British Broadcasting Corporation, March 01, 2010

Public Health
Hepatitis B Activist Wins Right to Work in Test of New Anti-bias Rules
South China Morning Post, March 02, 2010

Top US Court Dismisses Uighur Guantanamo Appeal
Agence France-Presse, March 02, 2010

中国拒绝日本支持“疆独”学者入境 日媒关注 (China Denies Entry for Pro-Xinjiang Independence Japanese Scholar)
Global Times, February 28, 2010