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Friday, September 12, 2008

September 12, 2008

Planning Chief to Face Charges over Bribes
South China Morning Post, September 12, 2008

China to Repair 6,240 Reservoirs by 2010
Xinhuanet, September 11, 2008

Dead Fish Mystery in Guangzhou Probed
China Daily, September 12, 2008

Report Shows Real Price of Growth
China Daily, September 12, 2008

Food Security
China Probes All Milk Powder in Baby Health Scare
Reuters, September 12, 2008

China Adds Government Department for Charity Activities
Xinhuanet, September 11, 2008

China Lawyers Call for More Open Bar Association
Associated Press (via Google), September 11, 2008

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顺应历史潮流 实现律协直选——致全体北京律师、市司法局、市律协的呼吁 (Conforming with the Historical Trend and Bringing about a Directly-elected Lawyers Association -- An Appeal to All Beijing Lawyers, the Municipal Justice Bureau, and the Beijing Lawyers Association)
Open Constitution Initiative, August 26, 2008
Human Rights Defender - Chen Guangcheng (陈光诚)
残奥会第六天:狱中盲人维权者陈光诚家人遭遇 (Chen Guangcheng's Family Prohibited from Family Visits during "Visiting Day"; Yuan Weijing Remains under Heavy Supervision)
Radio Free Asia , September 12, 2008

Human Rights Defender - Teng Biao (滕彪)
维权律师滕彪不获发执业证 执教鞭也受压 (Rights Defense Lawyer Teng Biao Continues to Receive Warnings from University to Stop Writing Essays and Rights Defense-related Work)
Radio Free Asia, September 12, 2008

13 Detained after Deadly Landslide in China
CNN, September 11, 2008

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Poverty Draws Chinese to Unsafe but Lucrative Mines
Reuters, September 11, 2008
China Tells Businesses to Unionize
New York Times, September 12, 2008

Beijing Olympics Fuels China Internet Use
China Daily, September 11, 2008

Would-be Protesters Find the Olympics Failed to Expand Free Speech in Beijing
International Herald Tribune, September 12, 2008

Vice Premier Urges Maintaining Low Birth Rate for Sustainable Development
China Daily, September 11, 2008

Public Health
Fresh Talks Set for Plans on Health Reform
South China Morning Post, September 11, 2008

中国八月份艾滋病死亡400例 居传染病死亡之首 (HIV/AIDS Tops List of Deaths from Infectious Diseases with 400 Dead in August)
Radio Free Asia, September 12, 2008

Man Sets Himself Alight amid Tourists on Bund
South China Morning Post, September 12, 2008

Nepal to Deport Illegal Tibetans: Govt
Agence France-Presse (via Google), September 11, 2008

新疆主席﹕疆獨密辦「聖戰培訓班」 (XUAR Head: Separatist Groups Secretly Hold "Jihad Training")
Ming Pao, September 12, 2008