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Friday, June 15, 2018

Access to Justice (司法公正)

Nearly half of Xinjiang Village’s residents sent to ‘Political Re-Education Camps’: official
Radio Free Asia, June 15, 2018

黄琦案庭审突被取消 “六四天网”义工提出质疑 (Scheduled Wang Qi trial is suddenly canceled, 64Tianwang volunteers seek answer)
Radio Free Asia, June 15, 2018

毒奶粉十周年:结石宝宝之家蒋亚林赴港遭拦截 (At 10th anniversary of tainted milk powder scandal, “Home of Kidney Stone Babies” founder, Jiang Yalin, is barred from traveling to Hong Kong)
Radio Free Asia, June 15, 2018

山西男子朋友圈辱骂交警被拘 律师:警方处罚没问题 (Man arrested for insulting traffic police on Wechat)
China News, June 15, 2018

四部门发文明确恐怖活动和极端主义犯罪定罪标准等 (Joint guidelines by Supreme People's Procuratorate, Supreme People's Court, Ministry of Justice, and Ministry of Public Safety set out standards on crimes of terrorism, extremism)
China News, June 15, 2018

发改委:每月首个工作日公布限制乘火车飞机人员名单 (National Development and Reform Commission to post travel ban list on the first work day of every month on China Credit website)
China News, June 15, 2018

Access to Information (信息公开)

Reuters Inst. study flags impact of Chinese money on independence of Hong Kong media
Hong Kong Free Press, June 15, 2018

洪振快“狼牙山五壮士”案开庭 (Court hears counter-suit by former editor of liberal CPC journal alleging defamation by PLA publications concerning his probe on veracity of resistance episode during Sino-Japanese War)
Radio Free Asia, June 15, 2018

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

Funeral of Chinese activist canceled amid doubts about death
Radio Free Asia, June 15, 2018

Inside a Chinese labor camp: Q&A with Leon Lee, director of “Letter From Masanjia”
Sup China, June 15, 2018

中国跨性别群体:不再躲藏 向前迈进 (Transgender groups in China: No more hiding)
Radio Free Asia, June 14, 2018

616铁路工人节在即 铁路工人遭强力稳控 (Railroad workers subject to harsh restrictions in lead up to June 16 Railroad Workers’ Day)
Radio Free Asia, June 15, 2018

Government Accountability (政府问责)

中國首例地方政府欠薪 湖南耒陽欠公務員工資 (Leiyang in Hunan becomes the first local government to miss payroll)
Oriental Daily News, June 15, 2018

国际人权组织联署促欧盟直面中国人权 (International human rights NGOs urge EU to press China on human rights)
Voice of America, June 15, 2018

NGOs to EU on Human Rights Crisis in China: “Failure to Robustly Challenge China’s Abusive Conduct Helps Enable it”
Human Rights in China, June 15, 2018

中国当局强迫藏人学唱红歌迎“七一” (Chinese authorities force Tibetans to “Sing Red” to celebrate July 1 National Day)
Radio Free Asia, June 14, 2018

Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong justice department warns insulting judges online could amount to contempt of court
South China Morning Post, June 15, 2018

China to have joint immigration control of new Hong Kong rail terminus
The Guardian, June 15, 2018

【割地成真】一地兩檢三讀通過 西九站劃內地管轄區 實行內地法律 (Critics say passage of law on co-location checkpoints allowing enforcement of mainland law inside West Kowloon Station is tantamount to concession of Hong Kong territory)
The Stand News, June 15, 2018割地成真-一地兩檢三讀通過-西九站劃內地管轄區-實行內地法律/

民主派向立法會主席提出不信任議案 (Pan Dems draft “no confidence” motion against LegCo president), June 15, 2018

【一地兩檢集會】學生斥梁君彥濫權玩晒 站出來對抗議會暴力 (Students vow resistance against co-location “violence,” accuse Legco president of abuse of power), June 15, 2018

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

路透:中国对台湾黑客攻击更隐秘难追踪 (Reuters: China-originated hacker activities targeting Taiwan are becoming harder to detect)
Voice of America, June 15, 2018

Commentary (评论)

高考作文与政治体检 (Essays in Gaokao—college entrance exam—are tests for political correctness)
The Financial Times, June 15, 2018

On gay marriage in Hong Kong, equal rights should get priority over social prejudice
South China Morning Post, June 14, 2018

Justice seen to be done over Mong Kok despite claims of opposition
South China Morning Post, June 14, 2018