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Thursday, January 05, 2006

January 5, 2006

Top News of the Day

记者无国界报告:中国狱中异见人士数量最多 (Report by Reporters Without Borders: China's Prisons Have the Most Dissidents of Any Country in the World)
Radio Free Asia, January 05, 2006
China is still the world's biggest prison for journalists, with 32 currently in jail, according to the annual report released by the Paris-based Reporters Without Borders. The report also found that China had more political dissidents incarcerated than any other country.

Related News
RSF Press Report 2005
Reporters Without Borders, January 05, 2006

Media - Internet / Corporate Social Accountability
Microsoft Confirms Dropping Chinese Journalist's Blog, January 04, 2006
Microsoft Corp. confirmed in a statement that it removed the blog of outspoken Chinese journalist Zhao Jing who is better known by his penname, Anti. Zhao's blog was taken down on the New Year Eve by Microsoft's blog-hosting service MSN spaces. The company said it was complying with China's laws.

Death Penalty
中阳燕子帮涉黑案审结 帮主郝兵锁被判处死刑 (Triad Ringleader Sentenced to Death in Zhongyang, Shanxi Province)
Legal Daily, January 05, 2006

Economic Development
Take Me Home, Chinese Roads
Asia Times Online, January 05, 2006

义务教育法修订草案通过 (Amendment on Compulsory Education Law Endorsed)
The Beijing News, January 05, 2006

讨论:广西民办公益中学缺资金面临关门 (Discussion: A Privately-Run School in Guangxi Faces Closure Due to Shortage of Funds)
Radio Free Asia, January 04, 2006

Human Rights Defenders
Family Hopes for Reunion After Early Release of Chinese Journalist
AFP (via YahooNews), January 05, 2006

法院审判监督机制改革的反思 (Rethinking Court Reforms on Supervision of Trials)
Legal Daily, January 05, 2006

湖北杀妻冤案主角佘祥林:中国法治因他而动 (She Xianglin, Man Who was Wrongly Accused of Murdering Wife: China' s Legal System Changed Because of Him), January 05, 2006

证人为什么不出庭?(Why Don't Witnesses Testify?)
Legal Daily, January 05, 2006

A Free Media Keeps the System Honest
SCMP, January 05, 2006

中国报纸数量多,质量低 (China Has the Most Newspapers, But Quality Is Poor)
Radio Free Asia, January 04, 2006

亚洲新闻自由评分中国排名最后 (China Ranks Last Among Asian Countries in Press Freedom)
Radio Free Asia, January 04, 2006

沈阳加入允许外国新闻机构设站城市行列 (Foreign News Organizations Allowed to Set up Bureaus in Shenyang)
Radio Free Asia, January 04, 2006

互联网对亚洲集权国家政府构成挑战 (Internet Poses Challenge to Asian Countries with Centralization of State Power)
Radio Free Asia, January 04, 2006

Politics/ Media
记者姜维平提前释放与胡锦涛访美有关?(Is Journalist Jiang Weiping's Early Release Related to Hu Jintao's Upcoming Visit to US?)
Radio Free Asia, January 04, 2006

Public Health - HIV-AIDS/STDs
低保艾滋病患者可申请临时救济 (Poor AIDS Patients Can Apply for Temporary Aid)
The Beijing News, January 05, 2006

Public Health
内地医疗市场拟开放民营 (Privatization of Mainland's Health Care System Being Planned)
Wen Wei Po, January 05, 2006