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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bilateral Ties

Chinese Company to Mine 2600-Year-Old Buddhist Site

China Digital Times, September 12, 2012

Hong Kong

香港教育局:國民教育部分爭議性內容已刪除 (HK Education Bureau: Certain Controversial Parts of National Education Removed)

People's Daily, September 13, 2012


China: Hulunbuir Grassland Destroyed by Coal Mining Activities

Global Voices, September 13, 2012


苗圩:将加快实施宽带中国战略 加强互联网管理 (Minister of Industry and Information Technology: China to Strengthen Management of Internet)

China News Service, September 11, 2012


北京将查处出入境游客夹带违禁出版物 (Beijing to Check Travellers for Banned Publications from Now till End of October)

People's Daily, September 10, 2012


深圳22岁富士康员工割腕后跳楼身亡 原因尚不明 (Another Worker Suicide at Shenzhen Foxconn; Reason Unknown)

Legal Daily, September 13, 2012


彭洪不再起诉,正申请国家赔偿 (Chongqing Man Released from Reeducation Camp after 2 Years for Posting Comic to Seek State Compensation)

Xiaoxiang Morning Post, September 13, 2012


Personnel Changes in China’s Politics and Law Committees

East Asia Forum, September 12, 2012


Social Equity, a Pressing Task for China

Xinhua News Agency, September 12, 2012