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Monday, April 08, 2013

Cyber Security

Don't Spy if You Want to Be Friends, China Warned
Radio Free Asia, April 05, 2013

Freedom of Association and Assembly

促官员公开财产4公民被抓8天 官方仍无说法 (Government Silence Continues on Four Citizens Detained for Calling for Disclosure of Officials’ Assets)
Voice of America, April 07, 2013


媒体揭秘中国癌症人群:每天8550人成为癌症患者 (Chinese Registry Shows New Cancer Case Every Six Minutes)
People's Daily, April 08, 2013

全国目前共报告24例H7N9禽流感病例 7例死亡 (China Reports Seven Dead in 24 Cases of H7N9 Infection To-date)
Sina, April 08, 2013

China Orders Poultry Cull after Sixth Death from Bird Flu Never Seen in Humans Before
The Independent, April 05, 2013

Hundreds of Dead Fish Found Rotting in Shanghai River
The Daily Telegraph (AU), April 08, 2013

Chinese Genome-Sequencer Leads World Autism Research
The Economic Observer, April 08, 2013

Human Rights Defenders

王全璋:被司法拘留遭遇是法院的耻辱 (Wang Quanzhang: Shame on the Court and Judicial System for My Detention)
British Broadcasting Corporation, April 06, 2013

For more information on Wang Quanzhang, see:
Rights Defense Lawyer Detained After Court Appearance
Human Rights in China, April 4, 2013

陳光誠冀習近平順應民意推行變革 (Blind Activist Chen Guangcheng Hopes Xi Jinping Will Heed Public Opinion, Implement Reform)
Hong Kong Radio (香港電台), April 05, 2013

For more information on Chen Guangcheng, see:
“The bird is out of the cage”: Helping Chen Guangcheng Reach Freedom
China Rights Forum, 2012, no. 2

International Relations (Human Rights, Security, Trade and Investment)

China to Let Tourists Visit Disputed South China Sea Islets
Reuters, April 07, 2013

Chinese Confucius Institute Re-opens in Afghanistan
Xinhua News Agency, April 07, 2013


吉林煤矿事故失踪者无生还可能 死亡人数或达53人 (53 Believed Dead in Jilin Coal Mine Accident)
Guangzhou Daily, April 08, 2013

Land, Property, Housing

Demolitions, Land Grabs Frustrate Chinese
USA Today, April 07, 2013


Job or No Job, Migrants Keep Coming
Global Times, April 07, 2013

Natural Resources

发改委发布2012年中国资源综合利用年度报告 (National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) Issues First Annual Report on Resource Use)
China News Service, April 08, 2013

China's Ambitious Quest for Shale Gas
British Broadcasting Corporation, April 05, 2013

Political and Economic Reform

枝江市人大常委会建立代表履职档案 (Hubei Local People’s Congress Tracks Deputies’ Work)
People's Daily, April 08, 2013


Dark Secrets of Female Labour Camp Revealed
South China Morning Post, April 08, 2013

中国劳教所: 甚于“渣滓洞”? (First Chinese Media In-depth Look at RTL Shows Appalling Conditions)
Deutsche Welle, April 08, 2013


Silicon Valley Fights Restrictions on Chinese Tech
China Realtime Report, April 06, 2013


张高平叔侄接受央视采访:警方曾连续逼供7天7夜 (Inmates Exonerated after 10 Years Say They were Tortured into Confessing)
People's Daily, April 08, 2013