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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Xinjiang, 新疆

中国出新招反制国际有关新疆的谴责:法律诉讼 (China’s new measure to counter international condemnation of Xinjiang: Lawsuits)
Radio Free Asia, March 9, 2021

逾八成加拿大国民认同新疆正遭受中国种族灭绝 (More than 80% of Canadians agree that China is committing genocide in Xinjiang)
Radio Free Asia, March 9, 2021

Xinjiang: China violated ‘each and every act’ prohibited by UN Genocide Convention, says report from int’l experts
Agence France-Presse, March 10, 2021

Taiwan, 台湾

China could invade Taiwan in next six years, top US admiral warns
The Guardian, March 10, 2021

From safety of Taiwan, new magazine reaches out to Hong Kong diaspora
Channel News Asia, March 10, 2021

Tibet, 西藏

Why the Chinese Communist Party Sees Tibetan Monks as ‘Troublemakers’
The Diplomat, March 10, 2021

Access to Justice, 司法公正

Chinese Rights Lawyers Incommunicado After Filing Torture Complaint
Radio Free Asia, March 9, 2021

Concerns Grow For 'Disappeared' Wuhan Citizen Journalist
Radio Free Asia, March 9, 2021

人权律师丁家喜、许志永狱中境况严峻危困 (Human rights lawyers Ding Jiaxi, Xu Zhiyong in grave conditions in prison)
Weiquanwang, March 10, 2021

维权人士李美青被逼吃药生死不明 (Rights defender Li Meiqing fate unknown after force-feeding of medications)
Radio Free Asia, March 9, 2021

Access to Information, 公众知情权

China summons British ambassador over 'inappropriate' article
Reuters, March 9, 2021

UK’s envoy to China Caroline Wilson defends press freedom article after scolding from foreign ministry
Hong Kong Free Press, March 10, 2021

Children’s book pulped over claim Covid-19 originated in China
South China Morning Post, March 10, 2021

信息战:中国采用苏联克格勃惯用的假新闻手法 (Information warfare: China adopts fake news tactics used by Soviet KGB)
Radio France Internationale, March 9, 2021

Government Accountability, 政府问责

欧盟指责中俄把疫苗当作宣传工具 (EU accuses China, Russia of using vaccines as propaganda tools)
Radio France Internationale, March 9, 2021

ICTs and Human Rights, 信息技术与人权

Xi’s Gambit: China Plans for a World Without American Technology
The New York Times, March 10, 2021

China’s courts use data analytics and blockchain evidence storage on the way to first AI-integrated legal system
South China Morning Post, March 10, 2021

中国两大电信巨头合并 意在躲避美国制裁?(Merger of two of China’s telecom giants—CETCG and Potevio—a move to avoid U.S. sanctions?)
Voice of America, March 10, 2021

Hong Kong, 香港

Hong Kong patriotism includes party loyalty: Chinese official
Agence France Press, March 9, 2021

全國政協會議閉幕 通過堅定支持全面落實愛國者治港 (NPPCC concludes in firm support for “patriots ruling Hong Kong”)
RTHK, March 10, 2021

香港“爱国者”如何定义?京官与林郑月娥不同调 (On definition of Hong Kong "patriots"—Carrie Lam differs from Beijing officials)
Radio Free Asia, March 9, 2021

Hong Kong’s pro-establishment heavyweights push elections overhaul on eve of endorsement, call it key to rebuilding Beijing’s trust
South China Morning Post, March 10, 2021

Hong Kong gov’t vows to ‘track down’ fugitive democrat Ted Hui after move to Australia
Hong Kong Free Press, March 10, 2021

Activist on bail flies to Taiwan
The Standard, March 10, 2021

Hong Kong protests: media tycoon Jimmy Lai, six former opposition lawmakers have case to answer over unauthorised procession, court says
South China Morning Post, March 10, 2021

Hong Kong protests: pensioner slapped with HK$400,000 legal bill after pleading guilty to breaking airport injunction
South China Morning Post, March 9, 2021

立會衝突 四男非法集結罪成判囚 7 個月 23 歲世界武術賽冠軍獲減刑 聞求情淚灑法庭 」(4 convicted of unlawful assembly outside Legco in 2019 and sentenced to 7 months, including 23-year old martial arts champion)
StandNews, March 10, 2021

Two acquitted of protest charges at court; charges against musician who played Hong Kong protest anthem dropped
Hong Kong Free Press, March 10, 2021

社民連工黨共8人參與受禁群組聚集罪成判囚 緩刑執行(8 League of Social Democrats and Labour Party members convicted of prohibited group gathering with suspended sentences)
Radio Television Hong Kong, March 10, 2021

BNO Visa holders not eligible for early withdrawal of MPF
The Standard, March 10, 2021

Commentary, 评论

北京兩手掏空香港,習近平不能容忍這「小小的地方」出現對抗中央的勢力 (No tolerance from Xi Jinping for anti-CPG forces from this “little place” as Beijing came up empty-handed in Hong Kong)
The News Lens, March 10, 2021