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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Access to Justice (司法公正)

Feminist Activist Li Qiaochu Struggles With Mental Health in Detention
Radio Free Asia, August 30, 2021

多名武汉访民举报当局私设黑监狱 在北京遭暴力截访失联 (Multiple Wuhan activists are forcibly disappeared in Beijing while attempting to file complaints against local authorities for setting up black jails)
Radio Free Asia, August 30, 2021

强迫失踪受害者国际日:在中国"被失踪"有六种可能 (On Int'l Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances: 6 ways you may be forcibly disappeared in China)
Radio Free Asia, August 30, 2021

Access to Information (公众知情权)

习思想进课堂 是教育革命还是复辟倒退? (Xi Thoughts in the classroom—a great education revolution or a great step backward?)
Voice of America, August 31, 2021

Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong police probe into Tiananmen Square vigil organisers not a ‘crackdown on civil society’, Carrie Lam says
South China Morning Post, August 31, 2021

Security law: Hong Kong court denies bail to speech therapists behind kid’s book about sheep and wolves
Hong Kong Free Press, August 30, 2021

Hong Kong Law Society will offer legal perspective only when it comes to social issues, new president says
South China Morning Post, August 31, 2021

張達明辭任律師會理事(HKU legal scholar Eric Cheung quits Law Society council citing personal reasons)
Radio Television Hong Kong, August 30, 2021

Hong Kong district councillor who shot vid of riot police storming MTR 2 years ago receives threatening letter, blade
Hong Kong Free Press, August 31, 2021

【光城者案】再多一人被控「串謀恐怖活動」 17 歲女子 9.1 西九提堂(Another 17-year-old is charged with conspiracy to commit terrorist activities in “Returning Valiant” case)
Stand News, August 31, 2021

【12.25 葵芳】元氣壽司外非法集結罪成 三人判囚 4 月 另三青年判入勞教和更生中心(Three sentenced to four months in jail and three to correctional centre over unauthorized gathering in the 2019 protests)
Stand News, August 31, 2021

大埔區議員姚鈞豪非法集結罪成 判囚3個月(Tai Po District Councilor Herman Yiu receives 3 months jail sentence over unauthorized assembly on anniversary of death of HKUST student Chow Tsz-lok who fell from a car park during the 2019 protests)
Radio Television Hong Kong, August 31, 2021

Hong Kong real name SIM card registration to roll out, but gov’t says it won’t regulate int’l roaming SIMs
Hong Kong Free Press, August 31, 2021

Government Accountability (政府问责)

中国官媒热捧反美反资本家文章 评论指为政策扫雷 (China’s official media double down on anti-U.S., anti-capitalism articles; commentator: They are paving way for new flood of policies)
Radio France Internationale, August 31, 2021

中国即将实施海上交通安全新规 剑指美法等国航舰自由航行? (China to impose new maritime law to curb freedom of navigation in its claimed territorial waters)
Radio France Internationale, August 30, 2021

China Strengthens Claims Over Disputed Waters With New Maritime Law Against Foreign Ships
Newsweek, August 31, 2021

China Tightens Limits for Young Online Gamers and Bans School Night Play

The New York Tiimes, August 31, 2021

中国官媒: 一场"深刻变革"正在发生 蔡霞:文革回来了 (Chinese official media: A “deep transformation” is in the making; Cai Xia: Cultural Revolution is back)
Radio Free Asia, August 30, 2021

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

China’s ‘surveillance creep’: how big data COVID monitoring could be used to control people post-pandemic
The Conversation, August 31, 2021

China’s Personal Information Protection Law and Its Global Impact
The Diplomat, August 31, 2021

Xi Jinping says Big Tech crackdown is making progress, calls for Communist Party to ‘guide’ companies
South China Morning Post, August 31, 2021

Commentary (评论)

史上最嚴「禁補令」:中國正在下一盤大棋,讓這些中產家庭老老實實地做一顆社會主義大機器上的螺絲釘 (The harshest “no tutoring order” in history: China's great gambit to turn middle income families into faithful cogs in the great socialism machine)
The News Lens, August 31, 2021

余英时留给中国的大哉问 (The passing of Yu Yingshi left China some big questions)
Financial Times, August 30, 2021