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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

March 3, 2005

Top news of the day

Children – child labour
Hebei textile factory owner covers up child labour death with the help of police
河北老板将童工活着送去火葬闷死,警察庇护凶嫌, March 3, 2005
Human rights group reported that an owner of a textile factory in a rural village in Hebei covered-up the death of 5 female child labour aged from 14 to 17 who inhaled charcoal fumes in the factory.

Death penalty
Death penalty review to return to Supreme Court next year
最高人民法院有望明年收回死刑复核权, March 3, 2005
Sources close to the People’s Supreme Court revealed that death penalty review would likely to return to the Supreme Court next year, marking a crucial move in the death penalty reform.

Disaster / Labour - industrial accidents
20 children killed in China blast
Reuters via, March 3, 2005
A cache of explosives at the home of a coal mine manager blew up in a town in Shanxi, killing him and at least 20 children at a nearby grade school.


Bilaterals - US/China
China fires back at U.S. rights criticisms, accuses Washington of violations
AP, Thursday March 3, 2005

Gender equality hits mainstream
China Daily, March 3, 2005

Gender – marriage
Marriage Law most familiar among women, March 3, 2005

New law to guarantee free migration, March 3, 2005

June 4th – EU arms ban
EU may be penalised over plan to lift arms sales ban
SCMP, March 3, 2005

Labour – industrial accidents
Guangdong senior officials required to resign for industrial accidents killing more than 50 people, according new regulation
广东规定事故一次死亡50人以上地市领导须辞职, March 3, 2005

Resources rolled out to prevent mining disasters
SCMP, March 3, 2005

Owners forced to fund mine safety upgrading, March 3, 2005

Law – legal reform / re-education through labour
NPC set to discard re-education through labour (RTL)
中国人大今年将立法废除劳教, March 3, 2005

Migrant workers
China offers more jobs to migrant millions, March 3, 2005

South China Feels Acute Labor Shortage
Xinhua News Agency March 3, 2005
Thousands of local enterprises in Guangdong report a combined need for at least 2 million workers if they want to operate at full capacity, according to an official with the provincial government.

Politics – NPC
NPC progress in processing bills, March 3, 2005

Politics - Political reforms / NPC
Hopes for political reform dashed as party cements power
SCMP, March 3, 2005

Population – one-child policy / Law
Criminalized illegal sex-identification to revive sex-ratio
我国男女性别比例失衡 非法鉴定胎儿性别应负刑责
Legal Daily, March 3, 2005

Protests and petitions
Thousands of Petitioners Converge on Beijing Ahead of NPC, Hundreds Detained
Radio Free Asia, March 2, 2005

Resettlement – forceful eviction
Displaced villagers to miss out on profits from land auction
SCMP, March 3, 2005

Rights group announces UN judgment on China’s arbitrary detention of church leader Zhang Yinan (張義南)
对华援助协会公布联合国就张义南被任意拘禁作出的裁定, March 2, 2005

Rural issues / NPC
Problems lurk behind contented farmers
SCMP, March 3, 2005

China to Subsidize Farmers with 5.5b Yuan
Xinhua News Agency March 3, 2005

Hong Kong – Basic Law
HK deputies may revive move to review Basic Law
SCMP, March 3, 2005

China Plans to Pass Anti-Secession Law
AP, Mar 3, 2005

"White Paper of distorted facts and figures"
TYC, March 03, 2005

March 2, 2005

Top news of the day

Law - Legal profession

Guo Guoting demands public hearing over unreasonable treatments of the authority
郭国汀律师要求举行听证会, March 2, 2005
Guo Guoting (郭國汀), a renowned lawyer for defending cases of political dissidents, demanded a public hearing over maltreatment by the Shanghai authority, who took away his computer and lawyer license and threatened of giving him administrative punishment.

Politics - NPC
Petitioners taken away as Beijing tightens security for NPC meetings
北京加强戒备 大客车带走上访者
Radio Free Asia, March 1, 2005
Witnesses reported that at least 100 petitioners in Beijing, most of whom women, were taken away by police early this week as the government tightened security for the NPC and CPPCC meetings.


Communist Party Leaders Struggle to Contain Rising Corruption in China
Voice of America, March 1, 2005

Education - compulsory
Education Ministry Reports Progress in 2004
Xinhua News Agency March 2, 2005
By the end of 2004, 93.6 percent of children were enrolled in the nation's nine-year compulsory education program, said the Ministry of Education's Han Jin at a press conference on Tuesday.

Human rights – bilateral ties
US attacks China's record on civil rights
SCMP, March 2, 2005

Asian Nations Respond Angrily to Annual US Human Rights Report
VOA, 01 March 2005
Leading the criticism was China, which accused the United States of implementing a double standard on human rights, and interfering in its internal affairs.

China to issue human rights record of the United States
People's Daily, March 2, 2005
The Information Office of the State Council will issue on March 3 the Human Rights Record of the United States in 2004.

June 4th – prisoners – Zhao Ziyang
Rehabilitate Zhao, urge Tiananmen relatives
SCMP, March 2, 2005

June 4th – EU arms ban
Rights group urges EU not to lift arms ban
Voice of America, March 1, 2005

Taiwan raps EU over plans to lift China arms ban
SCMP, March 2, 2005

China's Tiananmen families seek parliament redress
Reuters, March 1, 2005

Law – legal profession
Lawyers take high risk in defending social justice
Voice of America, March 1, 2005

Media - internet
Internet curbs tightened
SCMP, March 2, 2005

Featured article: commercialization and freedom of speech of internet media in China
萧强:中国网络媒体高度商业化与言论自由, March 2, 2005

Police – crime
China Confronts Rising Crime in a Fast-track Economy
Voice of America, February 28, 2005

Small reforms could change whole society, March 1, 2005

Politics – NPC
Walking the nationalist tightrope
SCMP, March 2, 2005

China tightens Internet security during imminent plenary NPC meeting
People’s Daily, March 2, 2005

Protests and petitions
China to reshuffle petition system to meet new regulation, March 1, 2005

Public health
Over 65% Chinese people not covered by medical insurance and a quarter do not take medical treatment when they are sick
中国65.7%居民无医疗保险 1/4的人有病不去就医, March 2, 2005

Public health - HIV/AIDS
China detects 539 HIV positive cases in border check-up in 2004:
World News, March 1, 2005

Chinese HIV sufferers must tell spouses
Big News Network, 1st March, 2005 (UPI)
Anyone from Southwest China's Yunnan Province who tests positive for HIV must inform their spouse, the official China Daily said Monday.

Society - divorce
China tries to stem soaring divorce rate
The Guardian, March 2, 2005
Chinese authorities are sending "think again" letters to couples applying for divorce after the number of people ending their marriages surged by 21% last year.,7369,1428224,00.html

Hong Kong
Reports: Hong Kong's Leader Plans to Quit
AP via, March 2, 2005
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Democracy death-knell: Martin Lee
The Standard, March 2, 2005