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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December 01, 2010

Top news
Nobel Peace Prize / Liu Xiaobo (刘晓波)
China Suspends Norway Trade Talks amid Nobel Fury
Agence France-Presse, November 30, 2010

抗议者将在中国驻挪威使馆外示威 (Human Rights Groups to Protest outside Oslo Chinese Embassy)
British Broadcasting Corporation, November 30, 2010

Food Security
Tainted Dairy Imports Cause Concern
China Daily, December 01, 2010

HIV Job Discrimination Highlighted in Report
Xinhua News Agency, December 01, 2010

Hunan Works All-Out for Miners Missing in Colliery Flood
Xinhua News Agency, December 01, 2010

Land Policy
Activist Beaten in Attack
Radio Free Asia, November 30, 2010

WikiLeaks Website Blocked behind Chinese Firewall
Associated Press, December 01, 2010

Clinton Presses Central Asian States on Human Rights
Voice of America, November 30, 2010

11岁幼女3月内被逼卖淫百次 警察阻家属上访 (Girl, 11, Forced into Prostitution, Police Stop Parents from Petitioning)
Northeast Web, November 30, 2010

Protests and Petitions
Demolition Protesters May Face Charges
China Daily, December 01, 2010

Public Health
河南艾滋病婚外性传播人数呈明显上升趋势 (Henan: Extramarital Transmission of HIV/AIDS on Clear Increase)
Henan Business Daily, December 01, 2010

China's Healthcare Plans Bump against Rural Skills Gap
Reuters, December 01, 2010

Former Health Official Urges Probe of China's 1990s HIV Epidemic
Associated Press, December 01, 2010

State Security
China Bars U.S. Officials from American's Appeal
Associated Press, November 30, 2010

China Arrests Hundreds of Hackers, Says Situation "Grim"
Reuters, December 01, 2010