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Friday, June 07, 2013

Consumer Safety

农民种“良心菜”不用化肥农药 6元一斤无人买 (Farmer’s Pesticide-Free Vegetables Go Unsold Due to Higher-than-Average Price)
Dahe Daily, June 07, 2013

食药监管总局:保健食品广告90%以上虚假违法 (China’s FDA: 90% of Ads for Nutrition Products are False and Illegal)
Xinhua News Agency, June 07, 2013

Cyber Security

Admit Nothing and Deny Everything
The Economist, June 08, 2013


Rise in Chinese Students Shunning State Exams for A-Levels
The Guardian, June 07, 2013

今年百万考生弃考每年递增近10万 (One Million Students Skip Gaokao amid Unemployment Crisis and Study-Abroad Craze)
Guangzhou Daily, June 07, 2013

非京籍考生回乡高考称成绩优秀变垫底 (Students with Non-Beijing Hukou Forced to Take Gaokao in “Hometowns,” Perform Poorly)
China National Radio, June 07, 2013


报告:中国人面临新的健康威胁 (Five Pollution-Related Cancers Top List of Diseases Causing Pre-Mature Death in China)
British Broadcasting Corporation, June 07, 2013

International Human Rights

美中峰会前夕陈光诚山东家人收到护照 (Chen Guangcheng’s Family Members Received Passports on Eve of Obama-Xi Summit)
Voice of America, June 07, 2013

多国民间组织吁奥巴马促习近平释放良心犯 (Rights Groups Urge Obama to Press Xi on Release of 16 Political Prisoners)
Voice of America, June 06, 2013

International Relations (Human Rights, Security, Trade and Investment)

From Pivot to Twirl
The Economist, June 08, 2013

The Economist's 'Brokeback Mountain' Cover & PRISM Won't Stop Obama & Xi
The Atlantic, June 07, 2013

习近平结束拉美行抵洛杉矶 奥习峰会在沙漠庄园登场 (Los Angeles Rights Groups Protest Near Obama-Xi Summit Site)
Radio Free Asia, June 07, 2013

学者称中美非正式峰会创造良好机会 (Pei Minxin: Informal Summit a Good Opportunity, but U.S.-China Relations Still Far from Mature)
British Broadcasting Corporation, June 07, 2013

加纳羁押124名中国矿工 (124 Chinese Miners Arrested in Ghana’s Illegal Mining Crackdown)
Financial Times, June 07, 2013


KTV扰民投诉多年无果 居民请环保局长来家睡觉 (Longstanding Noise Problems are Promptly Fixed after Complaints Spread on Weibo)
Zhejiang Daily, June 07, 2013


Tibetan Prisoner Out in Poor Health After Serving Five-Year Term
Radio Free Asia, June 06, 2013