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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

December 14, 2005

Top News of the Day

Media - Press Freedom/Censorship
报告:中国连续7年关押记者最多 (Report: China Keeps Journalists in Prison for Longer Than Any Other Country in the World)

Radio Free Asia, December 14, 2005
China, along with Cuba, Eritrea and Ethiopia, is the world's biggest jailers of journalists, accounting for two-thirds of a total of 125 writers, editors and photojournalists currently incarcerated in all surveyed countries, according to the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists. China now has 32 news professionals in jail, the largest number of any country for the last seven years.

Related News
China, Cuba, Two African Nations are Top Jailers of Journalists
Committee to Protect Journalists, December 13, 2005


中国评论﹕肃贪方是真善事 (China Analysis: Eliminating Corruption Would Be a Truly Benevolent Act)
Ming Pao, December 14, 2005

Regional Bosses Accused of Harming Central Authority
SCMP, December 14, 2005

Blacklists Unfair to Firms, Says Legal Expert
SCMP, December 14, 2005

Private Firms Crucial for Employment
China Daily, December 14, 2005

The Man Behind China's Answer to Google: Accused by Critics of Piracy and Censorship
The Guardian, December 08, 2005,16781,1661644,00.html

Migrant Workers
讨论:中国农民工遭受歧视 (Discussion: Discrimination Against Migrant Workers in China)
Radio Free Asia, December 13, 2005

China to Tighten Regulation of Donations
People's Daily, December 14, 2005

New Rich Challenge Family Planning Policy
China Daily, December 14, 2005

职业乞丐每天能挣两百 拒绝救助 ("Professional" Beggars Who Make 200 Yuan a Day Refuse Aid)
China Youth Daily, December 14, 2005

Protests and Petitions Shanwei Incident
Village Shooting 'no Tiananmen'
SCMP, December 14, 2005

汕尾村民估计失踪者多数已经死亡 (Villagers Missing in Shanwei Incident Feared Dead), December 14, 2005

汕尾枪杀事件综合报道 (Comprehensive Report on Shanwei Incident)
Radio Free Asia, December 13, 2005

Protests and Petitions Taishi Incident
官方打压太石村事件 广州维权律师被解聘 (Guangzhou Lawyers Involved in the Taishi Case Sacked by Law Firm)
Radio Free Asia, December 13, 2005

Public Health
深圳120万元住院费事件续:医院主任引咎辞职 (Hospital Chief Resigns Over Allegation of Overcharging Medical Fees), December 14, 2005

11 Suspects Held Over Brutal Attack on Nuns in Xian
SCMP, December 14, 2005

A Swim, a Burning Coffin and a Scuffle - Koreans Pitch In
SCMP, December 14, 2005

WTO Chief Urges Boldness on Trade Negotiators
Financial Times, December 14, 2005