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Friday, January 22, 2021

Taiwan (台湾)

Trump’s outgoing UN ambassador infuriates China with ‘Taiwan bear’ tweet in final swipe at Beijing
Independent, January 22, 2021

Tibet (西藏)

人权观察:四川藏人僧侣疑狱中受虐致死 (Human Rights Watch: Tibetan monk in Sichuan dies suspected of being tortured in prison)
Deutsche Welle, January 22, 2021

China: Tibetan Monk Dies from Beating in Custody
Human Rights Watch, January 21, 2021

Access to Justice (司法公正)

维权人士许志永和丁家喜罪加一等改控颠覆罪 首获见律师 称遭酷刑 (Rights defenders Xu Zhiyong, Ding Jiaxi now charged with “subversion” instead of “incitement”; describe torture in detention to their lawyers)
Radio France Internationale, January 22, 2021

Access to Information (公众知情权)

美英德加等14国发声明 吁中国释放张展 结束媒体审查 (In joint statement, 14 countries, including U.S., UK, Germany, Canada call on China to release Zhang Zhan and end media censorship)
Radio Free Asia, January 21, 2021

Statement from Media Freedom Coalition members
Government of the Netherlands, January 20, 2021

Government Accountability (政府问责)

北京制裁蓬佩奥等前特朗普政府官员 拜登政府称“徒劳无益” (Beijing sanctions former Trump administration officials including Pompeo; Biden administration calls the act "futile")
Radio France Internationale, January 21, 2021

Hong Kong (香港)

歐洲議會通過決議要求港府釋放被捕民主派 點名促制裁林鄭月娥駱惠寧等 中方批顛倒黑白 (European Parliament passes resolution to urge release of democratic arrestees and sanctions against Carrie Lam, Luo Huining, and others; China: EP confuses right and wrong)
Ming Pao, January 22, 2021

Install CCTV in Hong Kong classrooms to monitor teachers, urges pro-Beijing lawmaker
Hong Kong Free Press, January 22, 2021

RTHK terminates long-term contact of journalist known for hard-nosed approach, union says
South China Morning Post, January 22, 2021

Hong Kong judge overturns police officers’ convictions for making false statements
South China Morning Post, January 22, 2021

New Hong Kong Bar Chair Vows to ‘Protect the Independence of the Judiciary’
Radio Free Asia, January 21, 2021

In Hong Kong, COVID-19 and Racism Make an Ugly Mix
The Diplomat, January 22, 2021

客戶要求「不要印巴外賣速遞員」 戶戶送:永久終止賬戶 零容忍種族歧視 (Deliveroo terminates customer who requested “no Indian/Pakistani driver,” citing zero tolerance for racism)
The Stand News, January 22, 2021

Commentary (评论)

I Grew Up Witnessing Forced Labor. U.S. Companies Must Step Up.

The New York Times, January 22, 2021

香港隕落記之二:建立「敵對勢力」資料庫 (The fall of Hong Kong Part 2: Building database of “hostile forces”)
CitizenNews, January 22, 2021

BNO由旅遊證件變歸化條件 田飛龍:中央或「二次釋法」反制 (BNO morphs from travel document to naturalization condition; Tian Feilong: Beijing may issue “second interpretation”)
HK01, January 22, 2021