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Thursday, August 11, 2005

August 11, 2005

Top news of the day

Protests and Petitions
Return our homes, say Shanghai protesters
SCMP, 11/08/2005
About 100 Shanghai residents staged a protest in front of the Shanghai legislature yesterday over unreasonable compensation packages offered for being evicted from their home to make way for a number of property development and infrastructure projects as a result of China's hosting of the World Expo 2010.


Death Penalty
Drug dealers get death sentence
China Daily, 11/08/2005

Detention – Ching Cheong (程翔)
Ching's friends petition for fair trial
SCMP, 11/08/2005

Ching Cheong may be put on trial within 3 months and sentenced for 5 years
程翔3个月内审判或囚5年不递解出境, 10/08/2005

Economic Issues
Yahoo takes 40 pct stake in China Alibaba
Reuters, August 11, 2005

Education / Poverty - Rural poverty
Barriers to get poor students from rural areas to university: peasants work 35 years just enough to pay university fee
Nanfang City News, 11/08/2005

Education / Hukou
The threshold to enter renowned universities and cities
China Youth Daily, 11/08/2005

Labor - Disasters
15 Trapped Miners in Jiangxi Confirmed Dead
Xinhua, August 11, 2005

Media - Censorship
New Rules to Safeguard Cultural Security
Xinhua, August 11, 2005

China not in favor of submitting Iranian nuclear issue to UN council
Xinhua, August 11, 2005

Poverty - Rural poverty / NGOs
Charity fund set up to help the rural poor
China Daily, 11/08/2005

Poverty - Rural poverty
Income disparity in China reach unacceptable level, expert warns
专家析中国贫富差距现象 指已超合理限度应警惕, 10/08/2005

Public Health - AIDS/HIV
National HIV/AIDS training center launched in SW China
Xinhua, August 11, 2005

Public Health / Rural Issues
Rural health bodies put on fast track
SCMP, 11/08/2005

Public Health - Other
China says anthrax outbreak under control
AFP via Yahoo! News, August 8, 2005

Reforms - Social
Charity Fund Set Up to Help the Rural Poor
China Daily, August 11, 2005

Religion – Christianity / Police - Abuse
Police crack down on priests and members of family churches, say religious rights group
Peacehall, 11/08/2005

Social Security / Resettlement
Social security system in sight for landless Guangdong farmers
SCMP, 11/08/2005

China Struggles With Tibetan Buddhism
AP via,10/08/2005