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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Civil Society

中国公民社会步履维艰 (Building a Civil Society: Despite Rapid Development, a Difficult Path Ahead)
Voice of America, July 28, 2011


斥鐵道部閃閃縮縮‧死者家屬遊行促徹 (Relatives of Victims in Train Crash Protest for Answers)
Sin Chew Daily, July 27, 2011

報道:禁律師代理撞列車案 (Report: Lawyers Told Not to Accept Wenzhou Crash Cases)
Ming Pao, July 28, 2011


China's Three Gorges Project: A Huge Dam with Big Troubles
Christian Science Monitor, July 27, 2011

Panic Buying of Bottled Water
South China Morning Post, July 28, 2011


Reluctant Transparency
Economic Observer, July 26, 2011

Human Rights Defenders

刘萍魏忠平参加婚礼被跟踪 夏商不满时政宣布退选 (Independent People's Congress Candidates Continuous to Be Followed, One Quits in Dissatisfaction)
Radio Free Asia, July 28, 2011

Land Policy

北京律师代理拆迁案被暴打 (Lawyer Representing Land Requisition Case Battered)
Radio Free Asia, July 28, 2011

中国学者称经适房已成腐败高发区 (Scholar: Affordable Housing a Breeding Ground for Corruption)
Radio Free Asia, July 28, 2011