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Friday, March 24, 2006

March 24, 2006


Bilateral Ties - US/China
Status of Hu's US Visit Up in the Air
SCMP, March 24, 2006

Children - Orphans and Adoption
Adopted in China, Seeking Identity in America
New York Times, March 23, 2006

Civil Society - NGOs
扶贫二重唱:地方政府与NGO联袂首演 (NGOs and Local Government Work Together to Curb Poverty)
Nanfang Weekend, March 23, 2006

Death Penalty
Men Sentenced to Death for Babies Trafficking in Yunnan
Xinhuanet, March 23, 2006

Education - Basic Education
义务教育就应当是完全免费教育 (Compulsory Education Should Be Completely Free Education)
Legal Daily, March 24, 2006

制度保障农村中小学校经费 (School Fees for Primary and Secondary Schools in Rural Areas Need to Be Standardized)
Legal Daily, March 24, 2006

中国水资源短缺等四大水问题依然严峻 (Water Shortages Are One of the Four Most Serious Water-Related Problems in China)
China Youth Daily, March 23, 2006

李金华要求将医疗教育住房等作为审计重点 (Head of National Audit Office Says This Year’s Focus Should Be on Health Care, Education and Housing)
People's Daily, March 24, 2004

Human Rights
联合国经社理事会通过决议废除人权委员会 (Resolution to Abolish UN Commission on Human Rights Adopted)
China Youth Daily, March 24, 2006

中国人权状况如何?听众批评较多 (Criticisms Over China's Human Rights Condition)
Voice of America, March 23, 2006

Human Rights Defenders – Journalist Zhao Yan (赵岩)
京指赵岩获释不符事实 (Washington Criticized for Inaccurate Comments over China’s Handling of Zhao Yan's Case)
Ming Pao, March 24, 2006

美国国务院要求立即释放中国记者赵岩 (US Urges Immediate Release of New York Times Researcher Zhao Yan)
Radio Free Asia, March 23, 2006

Human Rights Defenders - Petitioner Liu Xinjuan (刘新娟)
以精神病为名受迫害的上访人讲述经历 (Petitioner Forcibly Admitted to Psychiatric Hospital Speaks About the Experience)
Radio Free Asia, March 23, 2004

Labor – Industrial Accidents
临县透水煤矿已发现17人遇难 (17 Found Dead in Shanxi Coal Mine Flooding)
China Youth Daily, March 24, 2006

Coal Mine Blast Leaves 8 Dead, 5 Injured in N. China
China Daily, March 24, 2006

(Govt to Improve Legal System to Solve Refugee Problems)
Xinhuanet, March 23, 2006

对中国器官移植和死刑犯关注再起 (Harvesting Organs of Executed Prisoners for Transplants Raises Public Concerns Again)
Voice of America, March 23, 2006

贫困,绊住了我们的脚步 (Poverty Keeps Us from Moving Forward)
China Youth Daily, March 24, 2006

仇富农民开车撞人案再度引起关注 (Man Charged with Vehicular Homicide Pleads for Death Sentence)
Voice of America, March 23, 2006

Protests and Petitions
Authorities 'Paying Lip Service' to Complaints
SCMP, March 24, 2006

Public Health
哈尔滨天价医药费事件调查升格 (Investigation Continues into Astronomical Medical Fees in Harbin)
Radio Free Asia, March 23, 2006

Public Health - HIV-AIDS/STDs
广西截至05年底累计报告艾滋病毒感染者20604(Guangxi Province Reports 20,604 HIV/AIDS Infections as of End of 2005), March 24, 2006


Religion - Christianity
湖北河南的两县地下教会聚会被冲击 (Authorities Crack Down on Two Underground House Churches in Hubei and Henan)
Radio Free Asia, March 23, 2006