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Thursday, April 28, 2022

China's Reach (中国:内控与外扩)

Solomons PM could use Chinese police to stay in power, key provincial adviser fears
The Guardian, April 28, 2022

China using diplomatic leverage to target Uyghurs abroad
ANI News, April 28, 2022

拜登5月将访问韩国和日本 共议中国和朝鲜(Biden to visit South Korea, Japan in May to discuss China, North Korea issues)
Deutsche Welle, April 28, 2022

英外长:北约应确保台湾免于中国侵犯(British foreign minister: NATO should ensure Taiwan is free from China’s aggression)
Deutsche Welle, April 28, 2022

伊朗寻求加强与中国的军事关系(Iran seeks to strengthen military ties with China)
Voice of America, April 28, 2022

德国政府以安全为由阻止中国公司购买德国呼吸机制造商(German gov’t blocks China’s firm from buying German ventilator maker on security grounds)
Radio France Internationale, April 27, 2022

Liberal Chinese social media site Douban tightens verification of overseas users as censorship intensifies
South China Morning Post, April 28, 2022

China's Weibo shows user locations to combat 'bad behaviour'
Reuters, April 28, 2022

官媒批“大翻译运动” 反促“反华类”媒体流量大增(China’s official media criticize Great Translation Movement, triggering large jump in traffic to "anti-China" media websites)
Radio Free Asia, April 28, 2022

Human Rights Defenders & Civil Society (人权捍卫者与公民社会)

47 democrats’ subversion case adjourned to June
Hong Kong Free Press, April 28, 2022

Denial of bail is silencing Hong Kong's democrats
BBC News, April 28, 2022

民主派初選案今第五次提訊日 其中三人未有到庭(3 absent from the 5th unofficial primary case)
Radio Television Hong Kong, April 28, 2022

Prosecution of the Hong Kong 47: Rule of Law on Trial
Human Rights in China, April 22, 28, 2022

Ex-head of Hong Kong’s Tiananmen vigil group convicted over ‘release political prisoners’ balloon
Hong Kong Free Press, April 28, 2022

2 men arrested for allegedly calling on others to attack Hong Kong leader in online posts, source says
South China Morning Post, April 28, 2022

Hong Kong court upholds non-guilty verdict on Swiss photographer accused of aiding protest assault
Hong Kong Free Press, April 28, 2022

【光城者案】7人被控串謀煽動顛覆國家政權 再多一人擬認罪(One more of 7 "Returning Valiant" members charged with conspiring to incite subversion to plead guilty), April 28, 2022

吳敏兒初選案被拒保釋 官判辭稱言論挑起對政府怨恨 具國際影響力易聯合他人反政府(Judge denies bail to Carol Ng, one of the 47 pro-democrats charged with subversion, deems her speech provokes anti-gov’t resentment, has international influence to easily unite others to oppose gov't)
Ming Pao, April 28, 2022

新冠律师团公告:为上海封城死难及受害家庭提供法律援助 协助个案维权及集体申请国家赔偿(COVID-19 Claims Legal Advisory Group: Provide legal aid to families of victims in Shanghai, assist individual cases to protect their rights to collectively seek state compensations)
Matters, April 27, 2022

报告:2021年中国非法逮捕168名藏人(NGO report: China illegally arrests 168 Tibetans in 2021)
Radio Free Asia, April 28, 2022

Law & Policy (法律与政策)

China’s big new infrastructure plan prioritises national security in face of ‘extreme conditions’ at home, abroad
South China Morning Post, April 28, 2022

China Continues to Fall Short of Promises to Protect Intellectual Property, U.S. Says

The New York Times, April 28, 2022

Current Topics (热门话题)

China claims Beijing is the true test of its pandemic policy
The Economist, April 30, 2022

Who Profits From China’s Zero-COVID Strategy?
Foreign Policy, April 27, 2022

New Covid cases slow in Shanghai, but increase in Beijing.

The New York Times, April 28, 2022

China’s Covid Lockdown Outrage Tests Limits of Triumphant Propaganda

The New York Times, April 28, 2022

皮尤:九成美国人对中俄关系表示担忧(Pew: 90% of Americans are concerned about Sino-Russian relations)
Deutsche Welle, April 28, 2022

China’s Partnership With Russia Seen as Serious Problem for the U.S.
Pew Research Center, April 28, 2022

Commentary & Analysis (评论与分析)

上海“志愿者”是恶政土壤里生长出来的“罂粟”(Shanghai "volunteers" are "poppies" growing out of soil of bad governance)
Matters, April 22, 2022