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Monday, November 22, 2004

DAILY NEWS BRIEF FOR November 20-22, 2004

Top news of the day

Media - censorship

Curbs on views of academics in media
SCMP, November 22, 2004

June 4th
Mao Portrait Protester Tortured to Mental Breakdown in Chinese Jail
Radio Free Asia, November 19, 2004


Death penalty

Court sentences four to death for killing prison guard during escape
SCMP, November 22, 2004

Detention – Zhao Yan
What sort of secrets has Zhao Yan leaked to foreign parties?
《多维时报》:赵岩能泄什么密?, November 20, 2004

June 4th
Tiananmen Mothers campaign: send your Christmas greetings to Tiananmen mothers and the imprisoned dissidents
香港支联会来稿:「爱心寄天安门母亲」签圣诞卡行动,慰问「六四」受难者家属及狱中异见人士, November 19, 2004

June 4th labour activist released
Radio Free Asia, November 20, 2004

Labour – industrial accidents
49 killed in mine fire disaster, 11 reported missing
SCMP, November 22, 2004

Labour – protests and petitions
China Labour Watch: 5 workers sentenced for protests against shoe factory
中国劳工观察:中国东莞法庭判处五名兴雄鞋厂工人有期徒刑, November 19, 2004

News media to take the lead for respecting human rights
Legal Daily, November 22, 2004

Media – internet
Net fuelled critical thinker's fame
SCMP, November 22, 2004

Political prisoners may be released under a modest Hu-Wen regime
港媒:胡温体制似乎较宽 政治犯多人将获释, November 21, 2004

Mao HengFeng failed in court appeal but reported tortured in labour camp
毛恒凤诉诸法律却败诉 劳教所中受虐待, November 20, 2004

Protests and petitions
China’s petition system – the “guard” at the government’s “door”
Voice of America, November 19, 2004

Public health
40% of the sick people do not go for doctor due to increase of medial fee
中国近四成病人因医疗费涨价无法看病, November 22, 2004

Public health – HIV aids
Law protects HIV carriers
People’s Daily, November 20, 2004

Guangdong to give free condoms
广东将在全省派发十万只避孕套 市民可免费领取, November 22, 2004


Religion leaders tell US Congress that religion freedom infringed in China
Radio Free Asia, November 20, 2004

Others – Tibet
State Department Voices Serious Concern About Jailed Monk's Trial
Radio Free Asia, November 19, 2004