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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

18th Party Congress

China Hauls Away Activists in Congress Crackdown
The Associated Press, November 6, 2012

Reeducation-Through-Labor and Criminal Detention for Shanghai Petitioners on Eve of 18th Party Congress
Human Rights in China, November 6, 2012

Unwelcome at the Party
The New York Times, November 6, 2012

Available in Chinese at Secret China:
王力雄:党开“十八大” 北京不欢迎...

Economic Development

Poll: Wealth Gap Greatest Challenge for China's Growth
Xinhua News Agency, November 6, 2012

Hong Kong

60%港人相信港獨無抬頭 71%市民指北京干預增加 (Apple Daily/HKU Survey: 60% HKers Do Not Believe HK Independence Movement Is Rising, 71% Say Beijing Meddling in HK Affairs Has Increased)
Apple Daily, November 7, 2012

Human Rights Defenders

维权律师舒向新再被刑拘 (Rights Defense Lawyer Shu Xiangxin Criminally Detained on Suspicion of "Blackmail")
Radio Free Asia, November 6, 2012


中共首都互联网协会委员会成立 (Communist Party of China Capital Internet Society Committee Established)
Xinhua News Agency, November 6, 2012


Defense Lawyer Seeks to Clear His Name – and Accuser's
Caixin, November 3, 2012


'Targeted' ahead of Congress
Radio Free Asia, November 6, 2012

Death Penalty

湄公河案主犯等4人获死刑 1人死缓1人获刑8年 (Four Death Sentences, Along with 1 Suspended Death and 1 8-yo Prison Sentence, in Case of Murder of Chinese Sailors on Mekong River)
China National Radio, November 6, 2012

Human Rights Defenders

昆明网吧老板曹海波因言获刑 律师正在考虑提出上诉 (Net Cafe Owner Cao Haibo Sentenced for His Words, Lawyer Mulling Appeal Verdict)
Radio Free Asia, November 5, 2012

曹海波被判8年 律师指审判程序不对
Online Activist Sentenced to 8 Years for Subversion; Lawyer Raises Procedural Concerns
Human Rights in China, November 5, 2012

June Fourth

Figures Relating to Tiananmen Protests Resurface before Power Transition
Want China Times, November 6, 2012


广州劳动力市场跌入亚运后最低谷 (Guangzhou's Labor Market Drops to Lowest Point since Asia Games)
Southern Metropolis Daily, November 6, 2012


Xi Climbs to Power Mixing Father’s Capitalism with Mao Communism
Bloomberg, November 5, 2012

中国百姓眼中的十八大 (The 18th Party Congress per the Average Chinese)
Deutsche Welle, November 5, 2012中国百姓眼中的十八大/a-16356630

Rural Issues

China's 'Golden Decade' Brings Some Relief to Rural Poor
The Guardian, November 5, 2012


Tibetan Filmmaker Held
Radio Free Asia, November 5, 2012