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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Consumer Product Safety (消费品安全)

食品监督管理局:全国桶装水抽验不合格率超2成 (China Food and Drug Administration: over 20% of bottled drinking water failed nationwide inspection)
Xinhua, September 30, 2014

Domestic security (国内安全)

Reports: China body-searched 10,000 pigeons
Associated Press, October 1, 2014

Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong protests: Crowds swell as National Day passes peacefully – live
The Guardian, October 1, 2014

Political opponents refuse to compromise as Occupy Central protests rumble on
South China Morning Post, October 1, 2014

Hong Kong protests are leaderless but orderly
The New York Times, October 1, 2014

香港抗议者的“魅力攻势” (Hong Kong protesters’ “charm offensive”)
Deutsche Welle, October 1, 2014

人权组织批香港警方过度使用武力 (Multiple human rights organizations criticize Hong Kong police’s excessive use of force)
Radio Free Asia, October 1, 2014

中国官媒抨击香港“占中”:极端反对派的“折腾” (Chinese official media call Occupy Central a “fruitless struggle” by opposition extremists)
Radio Free Asia, September 30, 2014

面对香港抗议,北京宣传机器开足马力 (Beijing’s propaganda machine in full motion amid Hong Kong protests)
Deutsche Welle, October 1, 2014

《人民日报》发文:“占中”是非法集会 (People’s Daily editorial calls Occupy Central “illegal assembly”)
British Broadcasting Corporation, October 1, 2014

Protesters are using FireChat's mesh networks to organize in Hong Kong
Gizmodo, September 29, 2014

Hong Kong pro-democracy academics say face death threats, intimidation
Reuters, September 30, 2014

Protests and Petitions (抗议和请愿)

”十一“各地访民聚集喊冤遭镇压 (Petitioners gathering on China’s National Day face crackdown across the country)
Radio Free Asia, October 1, 2014

支持香港占中 大陆多名活动人士被拘 (Over 20 activists arrested in mainland for supporting Hong Kong protests)
South China Morning Post, October 1, 2014

Opinion and Editorial (观点和社论)

香港“一国两制”面临重大考验 (One country-two systems faces huge challenges)
Legal Daily, October 1, 2014

英媒:“中国是香港的未来,而非敌人” (British media: Hong Kong is the future of China, not the enemy)
British Broadcasting Corporation, October 1, 2014

〈自由談〉台灣香港 打倒國共兩黨 (Civil disobedience in Taiwan and Hong Kong will defeat Chinese Communist Party and Kuomintang)
Liberty Times, September 30, 2014

不拋棄敵我思維 香港難繁榮穩定 (China must ditch hostile mentality for Hong Kong to prosper)
Hong Kong Economic Journal, October 1, 2014

China media: Hong Kong's “social order”
British Broadcasting Corporation , October 1, 2014September 30, 2014

What Beijing should do about Hong Kong
Council on Foreign Relations, September 29, 2014