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Monday, January 21, 2008

January 19-21, 2008

Bilateral Ties
China, UK Enter New Green Era
China Daily (via Xinhuanet), January 21, 2008

SW China Former Vice Mayor Jailed for Nine and a Half Years over Bribery
Xinhuanet, January 18, 2008

Human Rights Defenders
Church Leaders Freed After Christian Group Intervenes
Agence France-Presse (via South China Morning Post), January 21, 2008

Human Rights Defenders - Li Qing (李清)
澳洲民运人士回国受监控 (Authorities Put Democracy Activist Li Qing Under Surveillance)
Radio Free Asia, January 19, 2008

Human Rights Defenders - Li Xiangyang (李向阳)
山东维权人士李向阳被法官毒打四小时 (Shandong Rights Defender Li Xiangyang Beaten Up by Court Officials)
Radio Free Asia, January 18, 2008

Human Rights Defenders - Lü Gengsong (吕耿松)
Trial Scheduled for Chinese Writer
Associated Press ( via YahooNews), January 18, 2008;_ylt=A

Seven Killed in E China Workshop Collapse
Xinhuanet, January 21, 2008

9 Killed in Illegal Firework Workshop Explosion in N China
Xinhuanet, January 20, 2008

Latest China Coal Mine Accident Kills 13
Reuters, January 18, 2008

Land Policy
成都300警察强拆,村民被断电断水(带录像)(300 Chengdu Police Deployed to Implement Forced Eviction)
Radio Free Asia, January 18, 2008

广西容县村民阻工抗议强征土地 (Guangxi Villagers Confront Police During Protest Against Land Acquisition)
Radio Free Asia, January 18, 2008

3,000 Sexually Suggestive or False Ads Dropped From Chinese Television, Radio
Xinhuanet, January 18, 2008

Beijing Pulls Out All Stops for Success of Olympics
China Daily (via Xinhuanet), January 21, 2008

Mayor Vows to Clean Up Beijing in Time for Games
South China Morning Post, January 21, 2008

Reporters Enjoy More Freedom Covering Beijing's "Two Sessions"
Xinhuanet, January 21, 2008

Chinese 'Covered Up' 10 Stadium Deaths
Agence France-Presse (via, January 21, 2008,20797,230

北京奧運 史上最貴 場館投資38億美元 「節儉辦奧運」落空 (Spending on Beijing Olympics Facilities Exceeds All Precedents)
Ming Pao, January 21, 2008

Farm Workers Have Say in SW China Municipality Legislature
Xinhuanet, January 20, 2008

Protests and Petitions
They're Well-Off and Angry, and They're Not Going to Take the Maglev Lying Down
South China Morning Post, January 21, 2008

居民保护抗议磁悬浮新线的横幅遭暴徒殴伤 (Shanghai Residents Beaten When Attempting to Stop Officers from Taking Down Banner Protesting Maglev)
Radio Free Asia, January 18, 2008

Public Health
China's Long-Awaited Healthcare Reform Plan to be Publicized in March
Xinhuanet, January 18, 2008

Rural Issues
Rural Residents Go on Buying Spree With Subsidized Appliance Offer
Xinhuanet, January 20, 2008

Social Security
SZ Pledges 20 Mln Yuan Yearly for Disabled
Shenzhen Daily (via Xinhua), January 18, 2008

中国政府推动藏族牧民定居计划 (Government Releases Tibetan Herdsman Resettlement Scheme)
Radio Free Asia, January 21, 2008

Tibet Railway Firm Seeks Listing
BBC, January 20, 2008