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Friday, July 03, 2009

July 3, 2009

SW China: Baby Girls Taken and Sold for Adoption
China Daily, July 03, 2009

China's System beyond the System
Asia Times Online, July 03, 2009

China Opposed to Tariff Plan in US Climate Bill
Associated Press (via Yahoo! News), July 02, 2009

專家稱美國駐華使館自測北京空氣質量不科學 (Unnamed “Beijing Environmental Monitoring Expert” Calls US Embassy's Monitoring of Beijing's Air Pollution Unscientific)
The Beijing News (via, July 03, 2009
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Twittering Air Pollution Levels in Beijing
Associated Press (via Yahoo! News), June 19, 2009
Green Dam
PC Makers Voluntarily Supply Web Filter in China
Associated Press (via Yahoo! News), July 02, 2009

Human Rights Defenders – Liu Xiaobo (刘晓波)
中国当局拒绝刘晓波保释申请 (Authorities Refuse Bail Application for Liu Xiaobo)
Radio Free Asia, July 02, 2009

北京作家凌沧洲罢写博客三天 (Beijing Writer Ling Cangzhou Holds Three Day Strike on Blog)
Radio Free Asia, July 02, 2009

六四议题敏感 《君子杂志》撤稿并解聘记者 (Esquire Journalist Dismissed over June Fourth Coverage)
Radio Free Asia, July 02, 2009

Deaths in Detention House under Probe
Shanghai Daily, July 03, 2009

Water Torture Turns Innocent Ex-Soldier Blind in Prison
South China Morning Post, July 03, 2009

南昌万建国案周四审结 警方滥用酷刑仍然普遍 (Hearing of Wan Jianguo Case Over; Police Abuse still Prevalent)
Radio Free Asia, July 02, 2009
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Police Accused of Killing Detained Man: They Were Ordered to Use Violence
Human Rights in China, July 1, 2009