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Thursday, August 18, 2005

August 18, 2005

Top news of the day

Police – Abuse / Protests and petitions
Some 500 riot police called in a Guangzhou village to stop signature petitions aim to topple corrupted village chief, villagers reportedly beaten up
Radio Free Asia, 18/08/2005
On August 9, local government called in some 500 riot police to a Guangzhou village to stop villagers from collecting villagers' signatures to demand the removal of the corrupted village chief. Eight villagers were taken away by police while many got injured in the clash with police.

China sets up riot police units
BBC News, 18/08/2005


Children - Law/ Protection
Government to draft special regulations for helping and protecting homeless children
The Beijing News, 18/08/2005

Public Health / Children
Rural kids 'need better healthcare'
China Youth Online, 18/08/2005

Detention – Ching Cheong (程翔)
China silence on US's demand for more details on Ching Cheong's case
美國向中國要求了解程翔案 尚未獲回應
Asia Times Online, 18/08/2005

China arrests U.S. executive as spy
By Chris Buckley, International Herald Tribune, August 18, 2005

Gender - Sexual harassment / Law
NPC deputy suggests to outlaw sexual harassment by women against men in the draft anti-sexual harassment law
人大代表建议将禁止女士对男士性骚扰写入法律, 18/08/2005

Grass-roots committee set up to mediate labour disputes
Xinhua, 18/08/2005

Law – Wrongful Convictions
Court orders to compensate 220,000 yuan to innocent prisoner who had spent 11 years in jail, the money yet to reach the hands of the innocent victim after a year
村民无罪被关11年 22万赔偿分文未得, 18/08/2005

Law / Government - Governance and accountability
How to effectively operationalise the state compensation system?
People's Daily, 18/08/2005

Media - Press freedom/censorship / Politics
Row rages over 'Hu cult' article
SCMP, 18/08/2005

Green groups fall under microscope
SCMP, 18/08/2005

Survey on population to begin
China Youth Daily, 18/08/2005

One-Child policy will kill China
Advantage India, 17/08/2005,curpg-2.cms

1,026 Helping Centers Built for Urban Homeless
Xinhua, 18/08/2005

Protests and Petitions / Police
Ministry of Public Security announce standard procedures for handling petitions
People's Daily, 18/08/2005

Public Health
A wake-up call for health-care reform?
SCMP, 18/08/2005

China's exorbitant health care fees spark suicides
By Benjamin Kang Lim, Reuters, 18/08/2005

Public Health - HIV AIDS /STDs / Children
Summer camp for AIDS orphans kick off in Beijing, 86 AIDS children meets their host-families in Beijing
China Youth Daily, 18/08/2005

China Reportedly Arrests Five American Church Leaders, Tortures Christians
By Daniel Schearf, VOA News, 18/08/2005

1.1 million homeless people and beggars received relief aid from government in the past two years
救助办法实施两年 全国111.4万余人次获救助
China Youth Daily, 18/08/2005

Nun or prostitute? Tibet's women face few choices
By Lindsay Beck, Reuters, 18/08/2005