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Thursday, May 08, 2008

May 8, 2008

Top News of the Day
Human Rights Defenders
律师愿为被捕藏民提供法律帮助受打压 (Pressure on Lawyers Wishing to Provide Legal Services to Arrested Tibetans)
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2008
After making a public offer to provide legal help to Tibetans detained in connection with the protests in March, several lawyers have reported being pressured by government officials. They reportedly have been forbidden by Ministry of Justice officials from accepting Tibetans as clients and were warned that the annual renewal of their lawyer permits would be delayed. Some lawyers reportedly have already had their renewals delayed. Without a renewal, the lawyers will not be able to participate in cases as a lawyer.

Bilateral Ties
China's Hu Urges Close Japan Ties, Offers Two Pandas
Reuters, May 07, 2008

Civil Society
中国艾滋病博物馆网站遭到关闭 (China AIDS Museum Website ( Shut Down by Authorities)
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2008

China to Investigate Public Servants Involved in Energy-Related Crimes
Xinhuanet, May 07, 2008

江西省重点工程在招标过程中出现严重违法舞弊现象 (Embezzlement Discovered in Bids for Major Jiangxi Investment Project)
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2008

Economic Development
Foreigners Pose Risk to Stability, Says Academic
South China Morning Post, May 08, 2008

中国农村教育现状形势严峻 (Situation of Rural Education Grim)
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2008

China Says Industry Approach Useful in Climate Fight
Reuters, May 07, 2008

Hong Kong
Police 'Removed All Protesters'
South China Morning Post, May 08, 2008

香港入境处文件外泄致拒入境者黑名单曝光 (Confidential Hong Kong Immigration Documents Leaked onto Internet, Exposes Immigration Blacklist), May 08, 2008

Land Policy
福州一日强拆27户 近百人无家可归 (A Hundred Homeless in Fuzhou after 27 Homes Forcefully Demolished in One Day)
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2008

上海律师上书温家宝要求停止强制拆迁 (Shanghai Lawyers Issue Letter to Premier Wen Jiabao Demanding that Forced Demolitions Cease)
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2008

Legal Redress for Victims of Mental Trauma
China Daily, May 07, 2008

Workers Sue Govt for Denial of Information
China Daily, May 07, 2008

奥运圣火传递前上海访民被发告知书 (Shanghai Authorities Give Petitioners Notice Demanding No Gatherings during Torch Relay)
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2008

当局在奥运火炬抵达深圳前带走数名维权人士 (Rights Defenders Taken Away by Authorities prior to Torch's Arrival in Shenzhen)
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2008

Public Health
China Registers Nearly 20,000 Hand-Foot-Mouth Infections
Xinhuanet, May 08, 2008

吉林和内蒙分别有基督教家庭教会被冲击 (Jilin and Inner Mongolian Christian House Church Members Assaulted)
Radio Free Asia, May 07, 2008

Pope Reaches out to China at Unprecedented Concert
Reuters, May 07, 2008