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Monday, October 25, 2021

Access to Justice (司法公正)

Chengdu police summon, question Early Rain Protestant preacher
Radio Free Asia, October 25, 2021

陈紫娟(常玮平律师妻子):常玮平遭酷刑程度远超想象——一度产生被害妄想症(Chen Zijuan, wife of rights lawyer Chang Weiping says torture suffered by husband exceeded imagination, resulted in delusional episode)
Weiquanwang, October 23, 2021

著名媒体人、网络大V罗昌平因言获罪被正式批准逮捕(Luo Changping, well-known media personality and big V, is formally arrested for his "illegal remarks")
Weiquanwang, October 22, 2021

Xinjiang (新疆)

G7 says there is no place for ‘state-sponsored’ forced labour in veiled dig at China’s Xinjiang policies
Kyodo, October 23, 2021

In the Camps: Life in China’s High-Tech Penal Colony — a damning account
Financial Times, October 25, 2021

报告称北京在新疆建立了压制性的治理体系(Report finds China has established a repressive governance system in Xinjiang)
Voice of America, October 23, 2021

Exposing the Chinese government’s oppression of Xinjiang’s Uyghurs
Australian Strategic Policy Institute, October 19, 2021

43国发声明 吁中国尊重新疆人权(43 countries call on China to respect human rights in Xinjiang)
Radio Free Asia, October 22, 2021

43 countries criticize China at UN for repression of Uyghurs
ABC News, October 21, 2021

Access to Information (公众知情权)

Chinese lawyers banned from discussing cases in public in latest move to tighten control over legal sector
South China Morning Post, October 23, 2021

Government Accountability (政府问责)

China’s 50 years at UN: Xi Jinping says international rules and order must not be dominated by one power
South China Morning Post, October 25, 2021

US wants to help Taiwan participate ‘meaningfully’ in UN, as China prepares to mark key anniversary
Reuters, October 24, 2021

Communist Party No 3 hails superiority of ‘Chinese democracy’ and warns against Western influences
South China Morning Post, October 24, 2021

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

U.S. Warns of Efforts by China to Collect Genetic Data

The New York Times, October 25, 2021

Hong Kong (香港)

With New Conviction, Hong Kong Uses Security Law to Clamp Down on Speech
The New York Times, October 25, 2021

第二代美國隊長示威叫「光時」等口號 區院裁煽動分裂國家罪成(Second national security defendant is convicted of inciting secession in District Court over chanting protest slogans)
Ming Pao, October 25, 2021

Hong Kong rights lawyer invokes Tiananmen 'tank man' at trial
Agence France-Presse, October 25, 2021

Self-exiled Hong Kong democrat Ted Hui faces four more charges after failing to show up to court
Hong Kong Free Press, October 25, 2021

National security law: Hong Kong woman stands trial accused of targeting police by dropping metal post from height at Times Square shopping centre
South China Morning Post, October 25, 2021

Amnesty to close two Hong Kong offices, cites security law
Al Jazeera, October 25, 2021

Hong Kong banks to disclose related property of clients who breach security law
Reuters, October 24, 2021

Hong Kong is holding its Legislative Council election in two months and campaigning has begun – very quietly, behind the scenes
South China Morning Post, October 23, 2021

【立會選戰】民協無人出選 民主派政黨參選人「清零」(No one from pro-democracy camp is running for Legco election as Hong Kong Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood sends no candidate), October 23, 2021

As Hong Kong's Civil Society Buckles, One Group Tries to Hold On
The New York Times, October 24, 2021

被指煽惑六四晚會 鄒幸彤親自作供:香港人「煽惑」了我按良知行事(HK Alliance former vice-chair Chow Hang-tung testifies as own witness: The Hong Kong people "incited" me to act according to my conscience), October 25, 2021

Why proposed overhaul to Hong Kong’s legal aid has some lawyers worried and raised fears opposition figures will suffer
South China Morning Post, October 22, 2021

大律師公會:任何改革應考慮基本法提及有權選擇律師(Bar Association: Any legal aid reform should consider rights to choose lawyer as provided in Basic Law)
Radio Television Hong Kong, October 22, 2021

Hong Kong police tell marathon runners to cover up ‘political’ clothing and tattoos
The Guardian, October 25, 2021

【渣打馬拉松】「香港加油」成禁語 跑手被要求更衣、遮紋身 大會 7 度稱「不希望涉政治」避答("Hong Kong add oil" is banned in HK marathon; runners are asked to change clothes, cover up tattoos)
Stand News, October 24, 2021

中大善衡書院學生會內閣全體請辭(CUHK S.H. Ho College student union committee members resign)
Stand News, October 23, 2021

被指天橋上拆鐵欄 19 歲理大女生囚 4 個月 官:無悔意(19-year-old student is sentenced to 4 months in jail over dismantling iron railings in 2019 protests)
Stand News, October 25, 2021

Some Hong Kong schools still wary of police engagement despite progress since 2019 protests, security chief says
South China Morning Post, October 25, 2021

Explainer: How Hong Kong sought to erase the memory of the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre
Hong Kong Free Press, October 23, 2021

2022 Beijing Winter Olympics (2022北京冬奥)

Beijing set for 100-day Olympic countdown but boycott calls, virus weigh
Agence France-Presse, October 25, 2021

Commentary (评论)

Hong Kong’s witchfinders are making ‘national security’ an all-purpose offence
Hong Kong Free Press, October 24, 2021

China’s Sham Meritocracy Has Created a Burned-Out Generation
Foreign Policy, October 23, 2021