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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bilateral Ties

China-Africa People’s Forum Passes Nairobi Declaration
China Daily, August 31, 2011


官员出国热在多国遭质疑 民众更关注信息透明 (Public Concern of Info Transparency, Suspicions Raised over Officials' Trips Abroad)
Global Times, August 31, 2011

Hong Kong

香港观察:李克强访问的未了余波 (Aftermath of Li Keqiang Visit to HK Continues)
British Broadcasting Corporation, August 31, 2011

Human Rights Defenders

疫苗家长“寻衅”被判刑 维权者 “袭警”劳教归来 (5-mo Prison Sentence for Picking Quarrels and Provoking Troubles Upheld for Father of Child Sickened by Vaccine)
Radio Free Asia, August 30, 2011


China's Draft Law Amendment in Conformity with Int'l Conventions
Xinhua News Agency, August 30, 2011

China's Legislature Ends Bimonthly Session, Adopts Interpretation of Articles of HK Basic Law
Xinhua News Agency, August 27, 2011

Migrant Workers

北京大兴31打工子弟幼儿园将关停 (Beijing: 31 Kindergartens for Workers' Children in Daxing District to Close)
The Beijing News, August 31, 2011

Protests and Petitions

老人复印上访材料遭店家举报 公安局截访 (Elderly Man Kept from Petitioning after Copy Shop Owner Reports Him for Photocopy Petitioning Materials)
New Express, August 31, 2011

Public Health

On Remote Tibetan Plateau, a Health-care Program That Could Be a Model for China
Christian Science Monitor, August 31, 2011

Social Security

Welfare Cards to Be Issued to All
South China Morning Post, August 31, 2011