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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


城市空气质量信息公开指数发布 6城市得分为零 (Urban Air Quality Information Transparency Index: Most Cities Limit Level of Info Released, Six Cities Score 0)
21st Century Business Herald, October 24, 2012

Human Rights Defenders

Fears for Mongolian Dissident
Radio Free Asia, October 23, 2012

Notes from a recent conversation with Hada's wife Xinna can be found at:
哈达被秘密关押 家人恳求国际关注
Mongolian Dissident Hada in 23rd Month of Unlawful Detention after Long Prison Term; Family Appeals for International Attention
Human Rights in China, October 22, 2012

倪玉兰患甲状腺肿瘤狱方拒诊治 (Ni Yulan Suffering Thyroid Tumor Prison Unable to Treat, Family to Seek Medical Parole)
Radio Free Asia, October 23, 2012

For more on Ni Yulan, see:
Ni Yulan: Activism at a Glance
March 7, 2012


广东拟规定公开拖欠工资“跑路”老板个人信息 (Draft Guangdong Regs: Basic Info on Bosses Who Haven't Yet Paid Wages May Be Published)
China News Service, October 23, 2012


China to Revise Prison, Lawyers Laws
Shanghai Daily, October 23, 2012

Public Health

精神卫生法三审 委员:强制住院最终决定权应交司法 (Draft Mental Health Law under Third Stage of Deliberation; Committee Member: Institutionalization Decision Should Be Turned over to Judiciary)
The Beijing News, October 24, 2012


Third Tibetan Self-immolation in Recent Days Reported
Deutsche Presse-Agentur, October 23, 2012


Korla Clashes Spark Clampdown
Radio Free Asia, October 23, 2012