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Monday, March 21, 2005

March 19-21, 2005

Top news of the day

Detention – Zhang Lin (張林)
Chinese Dissident Charged With Subversion
AP via, March 19, 2005
Political dissident Zhang Lin is formally charged with “Conspiring to Subvert state power” by Bengbu, Anhui last Saturday after being detained for about two months for attending the memorial service of Zhao Ziyang.

Media – internet
Non-students barred from chat room
SCMP, March 21, 2005
Students at Tsinghua University staged a protest at campus blaming the announcement of an unreasonable regulation that aims to block outside access to a popular student chat room “Shuimu”.


To tighten the loopholes of laws against corruption
Legal Daily, 21 March, 2005

Child – child labour / labour – industrial accidents
Investigation of child labour death in Hebei
Nanfang Weekend, March 17, 2005

Death penalty
To replace “death penalty with immediate effect” with “suspended death penalty”
Nanfang Weekend, March 17, 2005

Government- Election
Farmers to choose villages’ committees, March 21, 2005

June 4th – EU arms ban
EU plan to lift arms ban hits snag
SCMP, March 21, 2005

Increasing conflicts between management and labour reveals inadequacy of Labour Law
劳动争议增多凸显法律空白, 21 March, 2005

Labour – industrial accidents
Death toll from gas blast at coal mines reaches 60
SCMP, March 21, 2005

Labour- Protest
5000 Guangdong workers protest against employer for covering up infectious disease in the work place, says China Labour Watch
中国劳工观察:无耻资本家隐瞒尘肺病,广东五千工人集体罢工, March 18, 2005

Police – Reeducation through labour (RTL)
Critics take shine off boot-camp reforms
SCMP, March 21, 2005

Protests and petitions
Hundreds protest after ticket chaos at job fair
SCMP, March 21, 2005

Public health
Guangdong hospitals to aid poor patients, March 21, 2005

Public health – HIV Aids
Lack of information hinders fight against Aids
SCMP, March 19, 2005

HIV/AIDS proposals announced for 2005, March 19, 2005

Jiangsu tests former blood-sellers for HIV, March 21, 2005

China Tighten the screws on religion-Believers continues to face tough restriction
Zenit news agency via China Digital News, March 19, 2005

Put rights before profit, says dissident
SCMP, March 21, 2005

Hong Kong
Hong Kong government says mistaken on leadership term
AFP via, March 21, 2005