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Thursday, March 08, 2012


More Women Deputies Needed, Says Leading NPC Adviser
The Irish Times, March 08, 2012

女代表能否打破 “玻璃天花板” (Are Female Reps Able to Break the Glass Ceiling?)
Deutsche Welle, March 07, 2012,,15792982,00.html

Hong Kong

One Man, One Vote Plea for HK Poll
Financial Times, March 07, 2012

Human Rights Defenders

艾未未要求废止“不合法”税规 (Ai Weiwei Calls for a Repeal of the "Illegal" Tax Policy)
Deutsche Welle, March 07, 2012,,15792207,00.html

郭飞雄:乌坎选举说明中国人能够推进真实的民主 (Interview with Guo Feixiong: Wukan Shows That Chinese People Can Advance True Democracy)
Radio France Internationale, March 07, 2012中国/20120306-郭飞雄:乌坎选举说明中国人能够推进真实的民主


Controversial Law Clause Removed
China Daily, March 08, 2012


China Calls Tibetan Immolators Criminals
The Associated Press, March 07, 2012


Xinjiang Eyes Militant Links in Pakistan
Reuters, March 07, 2012

新疆区委书记:对恐怖分子不能施仁政 (Xinjiang Party Secretary: No Mercy for Terrorists)
The Beijing News, March 08, 2012