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Thursday, December 08, 2005

December 7, 2005

Top News of the Day

Death Penalty
最高人民法院关于进一步做好死刑第二审案件开庭审理工作的通知 (Supreme Court Issues Notice on Holding Trials of the Second Instance for Death Sentence Cases)
Legal Daily, December 08, 2005
China's Supreme People's Court has issued a notice laying out the requirements for higher courts to follow when holding trials of the second instance in cases involving the death penalty. These new regulations, which are part of an ongoing reform of capital punishment, will be implemented as of next year and will require second trials for all death penalty cases.

Protests and Petitions
汕尾弹压村民事件死亡人数增加 (More Deaths in Armed Crackdown on Shanwei Protest)
Radio Free Asia, December 08, 2005
More villagers in Guangdong Province were killed as police opened fire at a crowd of protestors that was opposing the construction of a wind power plant.

我国一年10万人丧生车轮下 其中7000多是儿童 (7,000 Children a Year Die in Car Accidents in China), December 08, 2005

Corporate Social Responsibility
为什么某些跨国公司在中国不那么尊重人 (Why Do Some Multinational Corporations Have No Respect for Workers in China?)
China Youth Daily, December 08, 2005

Death Penalty
考虑实际死刑二审开庭逐步实现 (Implementation of Reforms on Handling Death Penalty Cases Will Be Gradual)
Legal Daily, December 08, 2005

唐山煤矿瓦斯爆炸 数十矿工遇难 (Dozens Killed in Tangshan Mine Blast)
Radio Free Asia, December 07, 2005

54 Die, 22 Missing in Mainland Mine Blast
SCMP, December 08, 2005

中国调查污染之际 一高官突然死亡 (Senior Official Dies Suddenly During Probe into Harbin Water Pollution), December 08, 2005

Human Rights
中国民运成员在韩国面临被驱逐的处境 (Chinese Dissidents Face Expulsion from South Korea)
Radio Free Asia, December 08, 2005

三名异议人士获2005年魏京生民主斗士奖 (Three Dissidents Win 2005 Wei Jingsheng Democracy Champion Award)
Radio Free Asia, December 08, 2005

人权保障视角下的程序变革 (Looking at the New Legal Reforms from a Human Rights Perspective)
Legal Daily, December 08, 2005

Law - Legal Reform
我国刑诉法的修改与反腐败公约之衔接 (How Do Reforms of China’s Criminal Procedure Law Work with UN Convention Against Corruption?)
Legal Daily, December 08, 2

常州:不公布的政策规范不能生效 (Changzhou: No Effect for Unpublicized Laws)
Legal Daily, December 08, 2005
State Must Follow Law: Academic
SCMP, December 08, 2005
中国法治行政的逻辑和未来———评《法治行政的逻辑》(The Logic and Future of China's Administrative Legal Reforms)
Legal Daily, December 08, 2005

Beijing Boosts Surveillance of SMS
Taipei Times, December 08, 2005

官报刊文盛讚胡耀邦, 胡启立执笔 推许人品功绩 (State Newspaper Praises Hu Yaobang)
Ming Pao, December 08, 2005

Why Mainland Reforms Will Have to Go Deeper
SCMP, December 08, 2005

Protests and Petitions
Trial of Private Oil Well Activist Postponed
SCMP, December 08, 2005

Public Health
直击药品利润链:12元的药 就这样卖到了170(Probe on Profiting from Medicines: Cost 12 Yuan, Sold at 170 Yuan), December 08, 2005