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Monday, July 15, 2013

Death Penalty

湖南一起死刑执行 未通知家属引争议 (China executes businessman without informing his family, court apologizes for misleading Weibo post claiming no right to family visit before execution)
Beijing News, July 14, 2013

Chinese court executes man without telling family
Agence France-Presse,July 14, 2013

See announcement:
Changsha Intermediate People's Court, July 13, 20

曾成杰被处死 女儿微博称不知情 (Court failed to inform family before execution, daughter of businessman claims)
West China City Daily, July 15, 2013

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曾成杰之女, July 14, 2013
……我6月14还见了最高院刑二庭法官,他说一定会秉公执法,查清所有证据,不受湖南官员和周强的影响,让我相信法律。结果我7月13日看三湘都市报的报道才知道6月14日死刑核准书已经下达 (I met the judge from the criminal court of the Supreme Court on June 14, he said the court would go through the procedure impartially and according to law. ……In fact, after reading the newspaper on July 13, I discovered that the approval for the death penalty was actually issued on June 14.)


江门核燃料项目因群众反对取消 (Guangdong authorities cancel uranium project after public outcry)
Xinhua News Agency, July 14, 2013

Guangdong anti-nuke marchers win concession
Radio Free Asia, July 12, 2013

江苏28户村民断水近一月 被逼无奈喝污染河水 (Stoppage of tap water forces Jiangsu villagers to use polluted water)
Xiandai Kuaibao, July 14, 2013

Land, Property, Housing

Pitfalls abound in China's push from farm to city
The New York Times, July 14, 2013


新闻发言人难言之隐:没有一把手同意不敢说 (Gov't spokespersons not empowered and trained to effectively respond to and address public opinion)
Liaowang Magazine, July 15, 2013


“唐慧案”二审作出终审判决 唐慧获得赔偿 (Mother wins case on appeal against labor camp committee, court orders compensation)
Xinhua News Agency, July 15, 2013

唐慧案行政赔偿判决书全文 (Full text of Administrative Compensation verdict)
湖南省高级人民法院,July 8,2013

劳教妈妈二审胜诉但道歉要求未得满足 (Appeal court rules in favor of RTL victim, but stops short of ordering apology)
British Broadcasting Corporation, July 15, 2013

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我是西蒙周, July 15, 2013
[【迟到的法治胜利】唐慧案终审,这位母亲终于沉冤得雪。一路走来,万恶的劳 教制度仍旧阴魂不散,官方扯不下那个他自己看得很重、其实是皇帝新衣的所谓面 子。这是迟到的法治胜利,尽管步履维艰,官方仍不愿书面道歉,但时代在进步, 公民意识在觉醒,任何旧有体制已经无法阻挡,劳教制度必须彻底废除!] (The Tang Hui case has reached a final verdict and the mother has finally won redress. But the RTL system continues to haunt us and the government has yet to acknowledge its deep flaws. Today's verdict is justice delayed after a long and arduous process. The government refuses to issue a written apology, but as time progresses and civic awareness increases, any archaic institutions will inevitably be dismantled. The RTL system must be completely abolished.)


彭俊良:反腐别忽视“立法腐败” (Do not overlook "legislative corruption" amidst anti-graft drive)
Global Times, July 15, 2013

宪政只能通过公民立宪实现 (Constitutionalism must be realized through bottom-up approach)
Deutsche Welle, July 12, 2013宪政只能通过公民立宪实现/a-16947845

李伟东:中国过去10年培养了7种反对力量 (Li Weidong: In the past 10 years China has trained seven kinds of opposition forces)
Radio France International, July 14, 2013