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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

July 6, 2005

Top news of the day

HRIC respond to AP's false reporting about China's harassment of the organization's executive director
中国人权对美联社报道中一段陈述的回应, 06/07/2005
Human Rights in China (HRIC) reiterated that Sharon Hom, the organisation's executive direction, had revealed her true identity and official position in relation with HRIC when applying her visa for attending the EU-China conference in Beijing. The reporting of her “confession” and an “apology” to EU sponsors in an Associated Press new story published on July 4, was totally false and ungrounded.

Religion - Christianity
Hebei Catholic priest taken away by police for the 6th time since 2004
河北地下教会主教再次被公安带走, 06/07/2005
Jia Zhiguo (贾志国) 70-year-old Catholic priest of a underground church in Hebei was reportedly taken away by public security officers on July 4. This was the 6th time of Jia's detention by police since 2004.


Bilaterals - Other
China welcomes new Japanese ambassador
People’s Daily Online, July 6, 2005

Borders Territories/Issues
Taiwan needs arms package for defense against China threat - Chen Shui-bian
AFX News Limited, July 6, 2005

Death Penalty
Death penalty not aims to kill - death penalty with reprieve
Peacehall, 06/07/2005

Rapist sentenced to death
一罪犯监外执行期间强奸三女性被判死刑, 06/07/2005

Education Gap Overtakes Economic Disparity
China Internet Information Center, 06/07/2005

Opponents of palace lake project furious at ecological compromise
SCMP, 06/07/2005

Chevron risks China ties in fight for Unocal
The New York Times, July 6, 2005

China berates U.S. over Unocal vote
Reuters, July 6, 2005

Gender - Sex workers
No prostitutes in China, but illegal sexual transactions
Peacehall, 06/07/2005

Gender – Sexual harassment
Removing obstacles in the legislation against sexual harassment
Legal Daily, 06/07/2005

Who can oversee the enforcement of the Protection of Women's rights law?
Legal Daily, 06/07/2005

Labor - Work safety / conditions
Xinjiang mine workers disappear as they are abused and forced to work over 20 hours per day
每天工作20小时屡遭毒打 新疆50农民工集体失踪, 06/07/2005

Law - wrongful convictions
Wrongfully convicted cases raise concerns over the flaws in the Chinese legal system
Voice of America, 06/07/2005

Media - Press freedom/censorship
New start turns sour over 'separatist' allegations
SCMP, 06/07/2005

Assaulting police cases invite deep thinking of police' authority in doing their job
Legal Daily, 06/07/2005

Protests and Petitions
Legal expert speaks about the rising trend of violent clashes between peasants and local
李柏光谈中国农民暴力维权的原因, 06/07/2005

The Chizhou Incident
EastSouthWestNorth, 06/07/2005

Public Health - HIV Aids /STDs
Women HIV carriers on the rise in China
The Beijing News, 06/07/2005

Sex ratio of AIDS/HIV carriers in China reaches 2:1
Xinhua, July 6, 2005

China pastor on trial over Bibles
BBC, July 6, 2005

Social Security
Relief net aims to catch rural, urban poor, 06/07/2005

State Security - Spying
PLA general linked to spying jailed
SCMP, 06/07/2005

Reporter Without Border condemn China of crippling Tibetan's right to information
Voice of America, 06/07/2005