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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30, 2009


四川成都一家庭教会强遭当局取缔 (Authorities Shut Down Chengdu House Church)
Voice of America (via Voice of America), June 30, 2009

新華社英語電視明日開播 (Xinhua News Agency's English News Channel Begins Airing in EU on July 1)
Ming Pao (via, June 30, 2009

Supermarkets Spread News as China Advances on English Language Broadcasts
Times, June 30, 2009

State Security
国家秘密须审慎界定 ("State Secrets" Must Be Cautiously Defined)
China Youth Daily, June 27, 2009

全國人大首次明確表態 同命不同價現象有望終結 (NPC for the First Time Clearly States that Urban and Rural Residents Should Receive Same Death Compensation)
The Beijing News (via, June 30, 2009

Green Dam
“绿坝”克星“绿色海啸”问世 ("Green Tsunami" Released to Combat "Green Dam")
Radio Free Asia (via Radio Free Asia), June 30, 2009

12 China Officials Jailed for Landslide
Taiwan News, June 29, 2009

Shanghai Home Owners Demand Refunds after Apartment Building Collapse
China Daily, June 28, 2009

Hong Kong
Beijing 'Afraid' of Big Turnout for March
South China Morning Post, June 30, 2009

北京对香港民主派弃怀柔政策改强硬立场 (Beijing Alters Policy toward Hong Kong's Pan-Democrats)
Radio France Internationale (via Radio France Internationale), June 29, 2009

North Korea
Traffickers Prey on North Korean Women Fleeing to China
Voice of America, June 29, 2009

China Launches Anti-Prostitution Drive
Agence France-Presse (via Yahoo! News), June 29, 2009