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Monday, February 16, 2015

Corruption (腐败)

Politburo, army, casinos: China’s corruption crackdown spreads
The Guardian, February 14, 2015

Former top health official in China gets 19 years prison: media
Reuters, February 15, 2015

前上海高官被判贪污受贿获刑19年 (Former Shanghai senior official sentenced to 19 years in prison for corruption and bribery)
Voice of America, February 16, 2015

Provincial anti-graft chief tells disciplinary officials: ‘It’s not about having most cases’
South China Morning Post, February 16, 2015

China takes down senior leader amid anti-corruption campaign
ABC News, February 16, 2015

金钱与绯闻:中国反腐风暴刮进央视 (Money and sex scandal: China’s anti-corruption drive hits CCTV)
The New York Times, February 15, 2015

27 affiliated with former official given prison terms in Southern China
The New York Times, February 13, 2015

Health (健康)

China's “blood famine” drives patients to the black market
Reuters, February 15, 2015

中国医院血荒严重 血液黑市与血头猖獗 (Severe blood shortage in Chinese hospitals breeds black market and blood peddlers)
Voice of America, February16, 2015

Hong Kong (香港)

Federation of Students suffers biggest split in 57-year history as HKU quits over Occupy
The South China Morning Post, February 13, 2015

Hong Kong anger flares at shoppers from China
British Broadcasting Cooperation, February 16, 2015

香港连续两周爆反水货示威 5人被捕1警2民伤 (5 people arrested and 3 injured in 2nd week of protests against parallel traders in Hong Kong,)
South China Morning Post, February 16, 2015

Hukou (户口)

China to abolish temporary residence permits: Xinhua
Reuters, February 15, 2015

Human Rights Defenders (人权卫士)

中国著名记者高瑜狱中健康恶化被换牢房 (Famous Chinese reporter Gao Yu’s health deteriorates in prison, transferred to different cell)
Radio France Internationale, February 13, 2015中国/20150213-中国著名记者高瑜狱中健康恶化被换牢房/

广东维权人士郭飞雄在狱中仍被禁止放风 (Guangdong rights defender, Guo Feixiong, still prohibited from exercising while in prison)
Radio France Internationale, February 13, 2015中国/20150213-广东维权人士郭飞雄在狱中仍被禁止放风/

六四公祭组织者于世文被起诉 (Yu Shiwen, June Fourth public memorial organizer, prosecuted)
Voice of America, February 14, 2015

因声援香港被捕之北京作家寇延丁获释 (Beijing writer Kou Yanding released after being taken away for supporting Hong Kong)
British Broadcasting Corporation, February 15, 2015

LGBTI (男女同性恋、双性恋、变性人和两性人)

"Love Is not a choice": LGBT ad campaign launches in China for Valentine's Day
Huffington Post, February 14, 2015

China LGBT Awareness Campaign

Rural Issues (农村)

China's urban sprawl raises key question: can it feed its people?
The Guardian, February 16, 2015

Opinion and Editorial (观点和社论)

The fascinating truth behind all those “great firewall of China” headlines
The Guardian, February 14, 2015

China’s fear of the web
The Washington Post, February 15, 2015

观察:中国户籍改革的根本触及政治制度 (Observation: the root of China’s Hukou reform involves change of political system)
British Broadcasting Corporation February 16, 2015