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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Access to Justice (司法公正)

著名媒体人陈杰人因言获罪被湖南省桂阳县法院判处有期徒刑15年 (Well-known journalist Chen Jieren sentenced to 15 years in prison by Hunan court)
Weiquanwang, April 30, 2020

国际记联呼吁中国立即释放因记录疫情被拘押的媒体工作者 (International Federation of Journalists calls for immediate release of compilers of COVID-19 documentation)
Voice of America, May 1, 2020

Government Accountability (政府问责)

英国疫情死亡人数居欧洲第二 英国会促政府追究中国责任 (UK COVID-19 death toll ranks second in Europe, Parliament urges investigation of China’s responsibility for spread)
Radio Free Asia, April 30, 2020

Hong Kong (香港)

Police arrest trio over online threats made to Hong Kong media companies TVB and Oriental Press Group
South China Morning Post, April 30, 2020

Hong Kong protesters plan mini ‘golden week’ hijack to boost yellow businesses as city reels from economic impact of coronavirus
South China Morning Post, April 30, 2020

‘The strong and fearless’: Hong Kong’s pro bono protest lawyers run for Law Society election
Hong Kong Free Press, April 30, 2020

彭定康斥中國趁疫情向港施壓 破壞港法治 促英政府關注 (Chris Patten slams Beijing for using pandemic to "turn the screws on Hong Kong" and destroy rule of law; urges close attention by U.K. government)
The Stand News, April 30, 2020

蓬佩奧:反對香港就23條立法 (U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo: Article 23 is inconsistent with "one country, two systems" and will impact American interests in Hong Kong)
Radio Television Hong Kong, April 30, 2020

Hong Kong security chief pushing for tougher action against local extremism by using anti-terrorism legislation to prosecute those involved in bomb plots
South China Morning Post, April 30, 2020

Taiwan (台湾)

Taiwan High Court Overturns Acquittals, Finds Sunflower Movement Protesters Guilty
The Diplomat, April 30, 2020

Commentary (评论)

法国《观点》周刊:不是中国病毒 是中共病毒,习近平的党对三件事应该负责 ("Le Point": Not a Chinese but a CPC virus, Xi Jinping's party should be responsible for three things)
Radio France Internationale, April 30, 2020